Best and simple tip to Increase battery life of a laptop

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Today we Are Sharing New Trick To Boost Your Battery Life Of a Laptop.

Laptop users always need long life battery and they tend to increase laptop battery life of laptop by several ways.


Users are often extending the battery life of their laptop by changing a few key settings.

Here’s a simple tips to ecologically friendly laptop power settings that can extend battery life significantly for a long time.


Save your laptop battery life and stay productive with the
 Given below-

• Decrease Display Brightness

Display brightness of your laptop is one of most important thing you must concentrate on it and decrease brightness now (As per your comfort).

If you really give importance for your laptop battery backup. After Decreasing your laptop display brightness will improve your laptop battery backup by 25-50% (in most of laptops). here is steps to learn how to change laptop brightness in windows 7/ 8 /8.1 /10

• Turn off Wi-Fi when not in use:-

If you use internet on your laptop by WiFi then I’ll recommended that use via Ethernet (cable). If its not possible to use via Ethernet (cable) then use via WiFi and turn off when you are not working on the internet or working any place there has no wireless signal, then you should keep turning off your WiFi.


WiFi doing switch off when not in use is also good for internet securities purpose. While doing this you will save lots of power. Many laptop/notebooks have a Function key on the top of the keyboard that toggles Wi-Fi on or off, though some have a dedicated button or switch.

• Turn off Bluetooth:-

Now a days we don’t use Bluetooth too much, many of us don’t have usages for Bluetooth. If you are not using Bluetooth then it will be good to turn off it. It will also help your to increase of battery backup.


Many laptop/notebooks have a Function key on the top of the keyboard that toggles Bluetooth on or off, though some have a dedicated button or switch.

• Turn off Backlit keyboard light:-

If you have a gaming laptop, then may be it have backlit keyboard. Many normal laptops (not only gaming laptop) come with backlit keyboard. backlit keyboard also consume too much energy.Backlit keyboard help your to see keys in dark, or make your laptop looks cool. If you don’t need you can disable it.

• Stop cooling Pad:-

When you are using your laptop on battery. you have to remove cooling pad, Cooling fan or other device which you connected externally and that device running via your laptop battery power. so stop doing this and remove that cooling device to get more backup time of your laptop battery.

• Turn off visual effects:-

Such visual effects like Aero glass, showing window contents and many more drain your battery to so follow steps below and you can turn off it.

Steps to disable Visual effects :-

>Press start button and Type Advanced System Settings

>Now Select View advanced system settings

>Click Settings under Performance.

>Select Adjust for best performance

>Click OK

• Avoid the usage of CD-ROM / DVD drive:-

If you using laptop on battery and if you wish to get good backup time while doing work. then don’t use CD-ROM / DVD drive.


If its not urgent or necessary.because usages of CD-ROM/ DVD Drive will eat your battery charge.

• Hibernate is better than Sleep:-

When you put your laptop to sleep, it use a small amount of power to power its RAM and keep its system state loaded in memory.


When you start it again, Its wake up and resume in just a few seconds. And when you put your laptop on hibernates, it saves its system state to disk and powers off, On Hibernates laptop use almost no power. Means you can save your battery to drain.

After following all of these above process you can see your laptop battery backup improve up to 80% as compare of earlier usages.


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