How to check who is connected to Your Android WiFi

Everyone are using Wi-Fi mostly in the mobile phones having Android, IOS, Windows or any other operating system.So to find out the devices connected to the same Wi-Fi using mobile phone there is a simple way that is downloading an App available for all platforms.

The App is FING which is pretty good. It provides most of the information about the devices connected to the Wi-Fi.

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1. First Download and install the App Fing – Network Tools.
2. After installing the app launch it in your Android device.
3. Now simply scan all the device that being currently connected on the same WiFi Networks.

4. Now list of devices will get appear that being currently using the same WiFi Networks.

5. That’s it you are done, now you can check the Mac address of device and can block it on your router.

So above is all about How To Check Devices Which is Connected To Your WiFi Network Using Your Smartphone. With the above methods you can easily trace out the list of devices that being currently connected to your WiFi Network.

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