How To Share PDF ZIP And APK Files In Whatsapp.

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Today prabal is back again with a awesome trick to to share Zip, Doc And Apk file in the whatsapp.

 Without wasting your time Let's see how to share Zip, Doc And Apk File In The Whatsapp.

You have to do is just follow some simple steps :)

1. First of all, download and install official Dropbox app from here
There is no problem if you have Dropbox account already. Signup for an account if you don’t have one. Login to it.

2. Then download and install CloudSend App From Here.
 When you launch the app, you will go through a quick tour. All you have to swipe from right to left on your device’s screen. It will ask you to authorize this app by the end. All you have to click Allow. In your Dropbox folder, a folder will automatically be created named “CloudSend”. You will be able to control it completely. Now you can close the app after completing the authorization.

3. In order to send any type of file, press and hold the file through file manager and choose Share button.

4.Choose CloudSend option from popup.

5.Hold on while the selected file is being uploaded on CloudSend folder created on Dropbox. The duration of file transfer vary according to the connection speed and size of file. The best part of CloudSend is that it doesn’t have any restrictions regarding file size. You will have two options after completion of upload – Copy and Share. Either you can share file or copy the link of any file directly.

6.When you select Share, you will be able to share your file in different platforms like Email, Whatsapp, SMS, Google+, WeChat, Facebook and other applications your device have. Select WhatsApp.

7.It will prompt you to choose WhatsApp contacts you want to share that link with. Share that link with your desired recipient. It will show link with file name. If file is supported on your friend’s device, it will show the preview of file. Or file can also be downloaded through other browser.

Note :-

1. Users can share videos, images and audio only. It doesn’t come with any built-in function that can allow users to share Doc, PDF, APK and more.

2.The size of any file to be share shouldn’t exceed 16 MB. It means videos over 16 MB cannot be shared. However, Whatsapp comes with functionality to compress or trim video files before you share.  However, it still has limitation. Sending very large videos is not possible.

3.While sending images, Whatsapp compresses and sends it to the recipient. Though you cannot find any difference on mobile, one can notice the quality reduction in computer. It will reduce the quality if you send HD images.

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