How to View Web Page Source Code in Android?

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Almost every desktop browser has the “View Page Source” option. But when you browse the Web with an Android device it might be difficult to realize how to read the source code of a page. However there are several easy ways to do so. In this post we will explain how to view HTML source of a page with different browsers.

View Web Page Source using Android Browser:-

1. Open Android Browser.

2. Enter the URL of a website.

3. Type the following string in the URL address bar:

javascript: alert(document.getElementsByTagName(‘html’)[0].innerHTML);

• Then tag “Go” button. Remember that JavaScript code is case sensitive!
Source code will be shown in a popup message window in plain text, without formatting.

View Page Source inside Chrome or Firefox Browser:-

1. Open Chrome or Firefox browser.

2. Enter the URL of the website.

3. Tap the URL address bar at the top of the browser app.

4. Type at the beginning of the URL:


(e.g. view-source:

5. Then tap “Go” button.

View Page Source inside Opera Mini Browser:-

1. Open Opera Mini web browser.

2. Enter the URL of the website, wait for the site to load.

3. In the URL address bar type:


4. Then tap “Go” button.

By this Way You can view Source code of any site.


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