Idea - Free Unlimited 3G/2G Trick (June 2016)

Dear Visitors. We are back with New idea Free Internet for Both PC & Mobile Users!

Follow the steps & Enjoy free Internet.

Features of this Trick:-

- No Need Any Small Data Pack To Use This Trick

- No Speed Capping Issue At All.

Steps For Mobile Users:-

• Go to Settings

• Open Network Connection

•Then Click on Create New Connection/APN

• There you’ll get many input options like Account Name, Access Point, Proxy, etc

• Now fill these details:-

- Proxy : or

- APN : internet

- Port : 80

• Now , left blank all the fields . And click Save. That’s It, Connect & Enjoy!!

Steps For PC Users:-

• Open your FireFox browser and open option menu.

• Now click on Advance tab and then network tab option.

• Now click on Manual connection and then enter the details

• Now fill these details :

- Proxy : or

- APN : internet

- Port : 80

- Now save these settings and restart your browser.

√That’s it. You have successfully configure your PC Browser and Mobile Setting to use your Free Idea 3g internet.

Note:- Working In Some States Only. So Try In Your State.


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