[Latest trick] How To Remove Your Google Account From Extra Devices That You Don't Use [Easy Method]

Hello buddies !!

Prabal is back again with a awesome trick to remove google account from another device and this is the latest trick ...........founded by the help of arshdeep (arshdeep has a good sense about android and computer)...... So 1st Of all I thanks to my friend for helping me.

Friends !!

If you have any problems with removing your Google account from another devices or you want to remove your Google account from another devices that you don't use here I got a way . hope it will work for you.Thanks to arshdeep for helping me.

Go to your google account wwww.google.com and sign in

Before starting... connect your phone to a computer and under computers it will come up as a device. Open it, .go into DCIM (photos) and Videos etc and deleted all data.

1 go into your google profile

2. select Security

3 .select Account permissions then view all.

4. In here you can REVOKE access to any app or device.

5. I then went into my phone and disconnected everything google accounts etc.

6. restart your phone try to access your google account and other things

7. Encrypt your phone with a password (settings-Security-encription)

8. Now Backup and reset. (this will take a few minutes and your phone HAS to be charged to 80% before it will allow u to reset)

I would now go back into phone and make sure none of your passwords are available.

Of course these are extra precautionary steps especially if you have sensitive data and passwords and permission to access anywhere.

I hope this helps.

Enjoy !!

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