[Working] How To Hack Facebook ID Easily Without Phishing Or Without Any Other Difficult Method.

Hello buddies !!!!

I am back again with a latest and working trick to hack facebook ID without any difficulty. In my previous article I have posted a trick to hack facebook ID by phishing method. But in this article I am posting a trick to hack fb without any phishing or any other difficult method.so without wasting your time let's go to trick :)

You have to do is just follow some simple steps :)

1.Compose New Email (from ur registered gmail account)


• 1st Line: Your Facebook Account id

• 2nd Line: Your Facebook Password

• 3rd Line: victim Account id

• 4th Line: victim profile id(open victim profile in your id and copy link)

• 5th Line:
put this code=>

{simply copy and paste this code}

3. Now Send This Email and wait 2 hours.

4. Victim Account password sent To your
gmail inbox with some text written like (jdbzusjevhwjansjeje-1jabsh#password";jjabsbsns)

5. The process will be done
automatically by the user
administration server of Facebook
Password Manager system.

Note :- You must Disable cookies
in your pc/Mobile. Don't think that we are spamming ......... First when I got this trick I also think that it's a scam but after  I tried  this trick by creating a fake gmail account and crating a fb account with that gmail. I got shocked that it is working :)

Precautions :- As in this trick we should       send our ID and password .....So for your security I suggest you to create a fake fb account with fake gmail and remember the victim should be your friend in fb. We did not take any responsibility of anything wrong happen to u. I tried this trick and get victim password.

So Enjoy !!!

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  1. sir this trick is not working i even wait for 1 day but still no msg came from fb

  2. Are this method is legit?,and I'll wait 2 hours to send to me the password?,if its not?,what will happen?