How To Create Whatsapp Group Invite Link

Hello friends ‼

In whatsapp you have been seeing many messeges in whatsapp that join my whatspp group through whatsapp link and you got wonder how they create the link of the whatsapp group. So for that user I made this trick so that you can surprize your friends

You have to do is just follow some simple steps :-

1. Download whatsapp prime from here.

2. Install it.

3. Now go to your group and click on group info.

4. After that click on add participant.

5. Click on invite to group via link.

6. When you click on invite to group via link there you will fine three options

• Copy link
• Remove link
• Share link

E.g. :- [ This is my personal group invite link]

• Copy link
• Remove link
• Share link

7. Click on copy link option or share link option and give this link to your friends or group.

8. Click on the option you want and enjoy & share your link with your friends or whom you want.

So enjoy ‼

With Wap5 and Prabal

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