How to Know Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile !!

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Who Viewed My Facebook Profile ??

Does this question comes into your mind ?

I believe yes.

We know you are curious to check who is looking at your facebook profile and want to know if there is something technical in it.?

I would like to inform you that this feature is against Facebook policies but still there is one Trick to know that!!


If You want to know, who views your facebook profile the most or who is jealous of you or who have a crush on you!

Note: You have to use a computer to proceed with our trick.


• Open google chrome (you can also use other browsers )

• Login to your facebook account and open your profile.

• Right click on left side of your profile picture ( as shown in the image below )


• Now click on view page source

•There you will see some HTML codes.
Press CTRL+F.

• A search box will appear. Type initialchatsfriendlist in the search box.

• You will see some set of numbers. Each number represent a particular person.

The first number is the person who views your profile the most and so on.

Now the real part!

Steps to Know who is that person:-

• Copy the number.

• Now open a new tab.

• Enter the URL as number you copied)

• Now the person's profile (whose number you copied ) will open.


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