How To Record Android Screen Without Root Requirement in Lollipop Mobile

Screencasts are incredibly useful for troubleshooting, allowing you to show someone the steps they need to take to solve a technical glitch without you being there in person. You can quickly and easily record your phone or tablet screen in Lollipop with a free app, and no root is required. Here's how to make an Android screen cast. See all Android tutorials.

Follow Steps :
  • Click on settings and select your setting according to your choice.
  • Now click on right side menu for settings also click on left side icon.
  • Now choose resolutions like 80%, 90% for better quality.
  • IF you want to record your face with video Tap on record face option .

  • Click on video recorder symbol located down below

  • After pressing the counting will start 
  • Now your video is recording 
  • Enjoy !!!!!!!!!