Now iPhone Users Get Reliance Jio Preview Offer with 3 Months Unlimited Data and Calls

Reliance Jio 4G service has been residing in the developing phase for quite a few months now with complimentary offers and availability limited to Lyf branded phones.
As a result, the general public wasn’t able to experience the network unless they purchase a separate handset.

However, in a recent press conference, Reliance has announced that the official rollout isn’t far now. And like we exclusively reported, Reliance had extended the free preview offer with 3 months of unlimited data, calls and entertainment services that includes live TV streaming, video on demand and music on demand to select premium Samsung users. And now, it seems that the same is being extended to select iPhone users as well.
jio with iphone

As first reported by BGR India, the Jio preview offer will be extended to VoLTE enabled iPhones which includes the latest iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone SE.

 The Official unveiling is expected to happen next week. In fact, we have independently verified that the Jio SIM that we got with the Samsung preview offer worked with the iPhone 6S without any tweaks, while it failed on other Android smartphones like OnePlus 3.

So it’s a clear indication that Jio preview offer is being extended to iPhones as well.

To avail the offer (once it goes live), iPhone users should download the MyJio app from the App Store and generate a code to get the Reliance Jio SIM card from any of the Reliance Digital or Digital Express stores across the country.

One would be required to fill the CAF (customer acquisition form) and provide valid address and ID proofs along with a passport size photograph to get the SIM activated.

It is also rumored that Reliance will be extending these offers to other brands in the coming weeks, with test SIMs handed out to other brands with VoLTE enabled smartphones.

Jio’s carrier already has around 1.5 Million users pointing at a massive ascend once they commence public distribution which is probably happening around next month’s 15th.