Top 8 Features Of Upcoming Android version 'Android N'

Google is now going to release the most awaited and next Android version for a long time which is Android N 7.0.


Now here is the list of Top 10 Best Android N Features and also New Awesome features of Android N 7.0.

• Multi-Windows Support


Android N 7.0 is going to introduce the much-requested multitasking feature by users into the platform — multi-window support.
Multi-windows support might mimic split-screen view of iOS 9.0. Using Multi-Windows support,
With the help of Multi-Windows Support a user can run two apps side-by-side on Android phones and tablets running Android N 7.0. In the war of Android N vs iOS 9.0, this is new and the best Android N 7.0 feature, outruns iOS 9.0.

 Notification Enhancements


By dragging down and swiping the notification bar alerts in next Android N 7.0, we all often built an early to reply then and there instead of tapping and going to an app like a WhatsApp chat notification. And now this time, Google has come cleaner on this Android with Notification Enhancements.

Images and Avatar: With this Android notifications enhancement, Google has integrated avatar and Images so that with the help of this you can also see who has sent you a chat message or an email.

Bundled Notifications:Just like Gmail tagging, you can also bundle your messages and chat based on a tag or a topic. This bundled notifications feature of Android N 7.0 lets you archive the entire email or chat in one go as you can see in the image above.

Direct reply: With this now you do not need to tap in the notification alert and no need to go to the app to reply a chat, you can easly and directly reply a mail or a chat from the notification window itself.

Custom views:The custom views in Android N 7.0 lets you decorate your notification style in your own way.

• Quick Settings


Quick Settings lets you can define your key settings and actions directly from the notification shade. This new Android N 7.0 feature has enhanced the scope of Quick Settings to make it even more useful and convenient.

Pagination:Google Android N has paginated the Quick Settings tiles which can be accessed by swiping right or left. Even Google has given freedom to add or move tiles just by dropping and dragging them.

• Data Saver


Google has made use of Microsoft Windows 10 metered connection and iOS background app refresh to restrict/reduce the data usage by the Android apps in the background.

Language Localization of Android.
Like free open source operating systems Just like Ubuntu or any other, Android will also support a new Feature call language localization. On language localization you can directly relate localization with like old Nokia basic phones which can supported a lot of local languages.

 Android TV Recording

Android N 7.0 also adds the ability to record/capture and playback content from Android TV. This Android TV Recording features can be used via new recording APIs.

• Android Accessibility enhancements

With Android Accessibility enhancements the Android N new features, a user will be offered Vision Settings directly on the welcome or setup screen for new device setup. Android Accessibility enhancements makes it much easier for users to configure accessibility features on Android N 7.0 like font size, display size, magnification gesture, and TalkBack.

• Call screening feature

Android N 7.0 is allows you the default phone app to screen or monitor incoming calls. Some of the call screening features are:

Reject the incoming call

Do not show the user a notification for the call

Do not allow the call to the call Log

• Number blocking feature

Multiple apps can use the same blocked numbers list

Numbers blocked on calls are also blocked on texts

Blocked numbers can persist across resets and devices through the Backup & Restore feature.

These are Some Major Feautures of Android N.

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