Wifi File Transfer Method for Windows or Lumia Mobile to any Devices

Want to transfer some files from your Windows Phone quickly? Bluetooth would take so much time and using a data cable is again an annoying task. The best method of sharing files is sharing over Wi-Fi as it is fast and completely wireless. And you don’t need to wait longer for sharing big files or look for data cables here and there. Using this tiny app called Easy Transfer, you can easily share your files from Windows Phone over a Wi-Fi network.


Easy Transfer is completely free and can be easily downloaded from Windows Phone Store. Once you’ve installed the app onto your phone, you are ready to go.

To share any file from your phone, you need to connect your phone and the other device to the same Wi-Fi network, if such a situation is not possible, then you can turn on the internet sharing of your phone and connect the other device to it.

Once you are done with connecting the devices to the same network, you can open the Easy Transfer app from your device and you would be able to see an address of the form “192.168.xxx.x”.

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On the other device with which you want to share files, open up a web browser and type in the address that you noted down earlier and that’s all, you would see a file manager showing up files present in your phone. From the same interface you can explore the contents of your phone and download any file, moreover you can even upload a file, delete a pre- existing file or rename any file. You can even add new folders if you want.


The best part about the app is that it can run under lock screen which is beneficial when you are sharing giant files which can take up few minutes to transfer. Unlike some other Wi-Fi file sharing applications available on Android which require installation on both devices, Easy Transfer requires installation on only one device and the other simply needs to have a working web browser. It not only creates simplicity but makes the file sharing regardless of the platform of the other device. For example, I use the app for transferring some data to my PC and also use it to access my files from a friend’s android phone!

Easy Transfer is an amazing app with amazing features that any other app doesn’t not offer. It is very easy to use and configure. The file manager UI is nice and comes preloaded with a Video player too. Using Easy Transfer you can easily share files from your Windows Phone to any other device which is having a simple web browser application. Go get it from the Windows Phone Store.

Note :-Easy transfer is compatiable for windows mobile having windows 8 Operating System