Google Maps Update now Includes SD Card Storage for Offline Maps

Google Maps has been continuously evolving and this time around the application has picked up a few mention worthy features. The new features have been aimed to help people in transit use Google Maps even in the absence of a Wi-Fi connection or cellular connectivity. The Offline Maps has been around for quite some time but it is only now that Google has further optimised the feature.

Most of us defer from downloading offline maps since the file size is relatively large and the maps need to be downloaded in the phone storage. Now this is something that is set to change with Google Maps now allowing users to store the offline maps on the SD card. This would allow one to store a bunch of maps without actually running out of the precious phone memory. Google is quick to warn that the functioning of the maps might slow down a bit if it has to access the files from SD card.

Data usage has been yet another peril of map usage, especially when one is on roaming. It was for this very reason that Google introduced the Wi-Fi-only feature which was currently being beta tested. The new feature will operate fully only when the phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network and in the meanwhile ensures that the basic navigation needs are met. Essentially it means that only the areas that you have downloaded before will work in this mode. It is this mode that will ensure that the Google Maps is not eating a share of their precious data and instead is mostly relying on the offline maps.
The best part of the Wi-Fi only function is that only Google Maps is barred from using cellular data rest all apps will be able to do so thus avoiding switching off your mobile data completely. In order to activate the settings head over toGoogle Map Settings>Wi-Fi Only, this is the part wherein you will see the warning message that despite turning on Wi-Fi only mode the app might consume a little data.
Apart from the above two updates Google Maps has also included more options for ride-sharing and taxi services in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.
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