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How to Send Animated GIF Images on WhatsApp?

Sending and receiving animated GIF images on WhatsApp has been in the news for a while now.
As you know till WhatsApp isn't Support GIF Image Format.But also here is Some Methods or SmartWays to Send GIF format Images in WhatsApp Chat!

Read.. Try... & Enjoy!

Method 1:-

• Download animated pictures from Google or best source for GIF or animated pictures

• Make sure you download pictures in GIF format

• Now open WhatsApp and send that downloaded picture to anyone

• Finally, the image has been posted now there is a little trick to see that animated picture

• You need to go to your phone’s gallery and open Whatsapp pictures folder and open that image

• You can see that picture is animated and animations are working in your gallery.

√ That’s it.You can send GIF in WhatsApp, but the only way to see that picture is in your phone’s gallery.

Method 2:-

• Visit - it is one the best.GIF hub where you can find everything animated.You can create your own.GIF or animated images.There is a tool where you can upload pictures or video to create gif and then you can share the link with your WhatsApp friends.

Method 3:-

Download WhatsTools: Share File Via IM App From Here

• Preview video before downloading, and many more things

• Click on Attach button in the chat window to show Whats Tools share menu

• Click on the received message to open Download file popup

• Choose GIF or any file and send it to your contacts without limit.

Method 4:-

Download Convert GIF to Video & Share App From Here

• Open any GIF from your phone in this app

• It will convert that GIF to video in a sec.And you’re ready to share your GIF as video with your WhatsApp friends.

√That’s all.

Method 5:-

• Download any GIF animation in your phone, make sure it save with the * gif extension.

• Go to your file manager

• Now, select the * gif file and rename the extension to . Mp3.

for ex:- book.gif to readbook.mp3

• After renaming GIF Image now you can choose share option and select WhatsApp to share the Images with anyone

• You will see the image automatically converted to GIF.


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