OnePlus 3 is the hottest smartphone right now for Finnish carrier Elisa

Top Finnish carrier Elisa announced that One plus 3 has earned the top position as the best-selling smartphone in August. This isn’t surprising given the handset’s popularity around the world.

After OnePlus 3 launched, the company had to halt its sales in 24 countries across Europe and Hong Kong Because of the huge demands.   In fact, it is the fastest selling device the company has ever made. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that OnePlus’ new flagship killer has been doing quite well in Finland.

According to Elisa, OnePlus 3 was the best-selling smartphone online for the carrier. And in August, it was crowned the best-selling device overall for the Finnish carrier. Jan Virkki, Director of Consumer Voice Subscriptions for Elisa, said OnePlus 3 aligns well with Elisa’s sales tactics and company philosophy:
OnePlus smartphones offer Elisa’s customers great performance at a great value, which perfectly aligns with Elisa’s philosophy. The introduction of OnePlus devices to our portfolio has been a breath of fresh air. We could not be happier being able to offer OnePlus phones and accessories in all our sales channels.

OnePlus isn’t some never-heard-of startup anymore. Even from the very beginning with its very first OnePlus smartphone, the company was set on disrupting the smartphone industry, specifically just how much users pay to get a premium smartphone. And that’s exactly what this three-year-old company did.
Now with the third iteration, OnePlus finally got it right in all the areas that it fell short before: OnePlus 3 is the same gorgeous but affordable smartphone that the previous OnePlus devices were, plus NFC, and this time around, users didn’t have to wait to be invited to purchase one. Sporting a 5.5-inch Optic AMOLED display with a Full HD resolution and powered by the ultra-fast Snapdragon 820 coupled with 6GB of RAM, OnePlus 3 is one hell of a beast. All that for just $399. It certainly isn’t all that presumptuous for the OnePlus 3 to call itself a flagship killer.