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Reliance Jio MNP Offer – Port Your Mobile Number To Jio & Get Unlimited 4G Internet & Calling (Till 31 December 2016)

Seems like everybody is interested in Jio 4G unlimited plan , that’s why you can see long queues outside Jio stores. Due to huge public interested, the process of providing Free Jio 4G sim is getting delayed. Due to this long procedure, users are looking for other options. Many users have shown interest in porting their number to reliance Jio. There are many unanswered questions related to this topic. In this article we will be trying to answer your questions.

The mobile number portability to Jio is going to start from 5th September. So, you are advised to follow the given steps on that date because prior to that your request might not be entertained.

Steps to Port:-

• First of all you have to send an SMS - PORT Mobile Number to 1900
example – PORT 1234567890

• After this, a SMS will be received that will contain the unique porting code

Note – Please note down that this porting code has an expiry date. You have to apply at
the Jio Store for Portability before the expiry date

• Now you need to visit the Nearest Jio Store and fill in the Subscriber Enrollment form

• Along with the application you need to provide your ID, address proof and passport size photograph

• Now, you will be given a new sim from the store

• Now, the back end team will communicate with your old service provider for permission.

• Once the approval is given, your application will be processed Your current operator will disconnect the number on a certain date and tell the Jio Operator regarding this

• Now the Jio officials will take the matter in their hands. They will claim the number to themselves
The whole process takes almost 4 days to complete

• Once you receive any sms regarding disconnection from old service provider, you can insert your New Jio Sim

• Once the number will be ported to Jio, you will able to use all the Reliance Jio 4G services without any problem and without even changing your existing number.

Features of Jio:-

- Unlimited 4G Internet data

- Unlimited Callings

- Unlimited SMS

- Unlimited Jio apps Premium access.

- No Roaming charges.


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