Two days to go for iPhone 7 launch: What can we expect?


With just two days to go for the launch of iPhone 7, there is a lot of excitement among Apple fans. Rumours about the phones' possible features have been doing rounds for months, and now is the moment of truth.

As always, there are high expectations from Apple. Earlier this year at the Apple's WWDC, the tech giant announced a slew of updates to OS's for the Mac, iPhone, Watch, and TV. But mostly, all attention has been centred around the new features of iphone 7.

So, we have compiled a list of possibilities that may come true on September 7 as Apple unveils its next i-Phone:

1. No more headphone jack: Apple is likely to get rid of the headphone jack in the new iphone, and go wireless or use lightning port. Since most devices support 3.5mm headphone jacks, users may find it a bit troublesome if Apple adopts lightning headphone.  

2. Dual Lens: This has been the most talked about addition to iphone features. A second higher-pixel back lens is likely to let users click higher resolution pictures. This feature, however, may be limited to the larger iphone 7 plus. The small iphone 7 camera may see some updates such as image stabilisation.

3. 16GB too less: The base model of iphone 7 is likely to have a 32 GB of storage instead of the existing 16 GB in base models of current iphones. There are also likely to be other 128 GB and 256 GB variants of the iphone 7.

4. Home button: Apple is to likely bring about a big change in the home button as it may be turned click-free. This means that the button will be pressure sensitive. Similar technology has been used in Macbooks.    

6. Colour options: Days before the launch, suggested that space gray will be replaced by a "dark black" model. Also, a new "piano black" option will be added to the ra

7. 3GB RAM: The iPhone 7 Plus, which will have two back cameras, is expected to come with 3GB of RAM, while the smaller 7 model will remain at 2GB.

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