Top 5 Slow Motion Video Apps For Android

You might have Seen Slow Motion Video Option in iPhone.Slow motion videos are not just limited to high end video cameras & Iphones anymore, you can easily get this feature on your smartphone. If you are an android user and looking to give your videos slow motion touch, then you will be happy to know that there are many android apps that will let you create slow motion videos.

Here is Top 5 Slowmotion Video Apps For Android phones.
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Top 5 Slow Motion Apps For Android:-

1 - Slow Motion Video FX

This is the highest rated slow motion video recording app available on play store, As you'll find most of them doesn't have great ratings. Some features of slow motion video fx includes creating slow motion videos. You can record your voice and make it slow or fast (Whatever you want). You can also select an already recorded video from your gallery and then make the video slow or fast. 

2 - Reaction Slow Motion Pro

This is a great app to create dramatic slow motion videos instantly with any quality loss or motion blurs. It has a simple interface using which makes it easier to use. Yes you cannot record a slow motion video but using this app you can select a random video from your gallery and then select a portion of the video to make slow or fast motion, while you can leave the rest at normal speed.

3 - Coach's Eye

Coach's Eye is a professional app that can be used to record slow motion videos. It is designed to gain the competitive edge by studying the performances of athletes and translate that to their performances. We can film and analyse athletes and there movement, It can be used to improves their performance. Apart from recording slow motion videos it can be used to create illustrations & voice over to any video. You can also import already recorded videos from your gallery or cloud and edit them.

4 - SloPro

SloPro allow us to record, edit, and share videos in smooth slow motion without any loss of quality. It is a kind of cool video editor using which we fast forward or slow any portion of your video. You can also clip a particular part of video and then export it to your gallery. Final words, its a good slow motion video recorder as well as great video editor.

5 - Slow Motion Free

Slow motion free is a slow motion video viewer as well as recorder. You can choose an existing video and set its speed or you can record a new video and adjust its speed to slow or fast. It has a pro version which is ads free and has some extended features like frame rate bar sensitivity options, unlimited recording limit and ability to save video in internal or external storage.

Mostly all of them share the same features and without any doubt slow motion video fx is the best one to record slow motion videos but if you need a professional video editor then I would suggest you to go with coach's eye.