WhatsAppX - Xposed Module For Android (Add More Features to WhatsApp)

Hey All,

Here comes a new xposed module WhatsAppX which allows us to add more features to our favorite WhatsApp Android application.
Some of the feature that is currently available with the WhatsAppX are Listed Below.

Advantages Of WhatsAppX:-

-> You can Personalize your chats by assigning individual wallpapers to each of your contacts.

-> You can protect selected Chats with pattern lock.

-> Hide Message Preview.

-> You can also set reminder so that it can Remind you to answer a contact.

-> Call over cell instead of Whatsapp-call.

-> You can quickly reply chats from Notifications.

Things You Need:-

- Android Device(with Xposed Installed)

- WhatsAppX Module Download From Here (Open link in any Main Browsers & Skip Ads to View File)

How to Install WhatsAppX?

Step 1:- Download WhatsAppX from above link

Step2:- After Downloading and installing go to modules, put a tick in the Checkbox and then Reboot your Device.

Note: To Activate Every Module Reboot is necessary.

Step 3:- Now open WhatsAppX and do the Changes as you want.

Step 4:- Suppose if you want to lock contact, go into the thread and tap on three dot menu, choose WhatsappX then Select Lock and then Assign the pattern.

We are Not responsible for Any Harms!