Reliance Launch Rs 149 plan with Free unlimited voice calls, 300 MB internet data

Reliance Communications on Tuesday launched a new plan at Rs 149 offering unlimited voice calls and 300 MB of data in an attempt to get more subscribers.

Called Rs 149 Unlimited, the new plan offers customers unlimited outgoing talk-time to any phone across any telecom network in the country, including STD calls. The plan is similar to a Jio tariff plan, but can be activated on any phone – 2G, 3G, or 4G unlike Jio’s, which requires a 4G VoLTE handset.

“The new unlimited plan is set to change the dynamics of mobile recharges in India, as customers move away from a traditional revenue per minute tariff model to a service subscription model based on ARPU,” RCom’s co-CEO, Gurdeep Singh said.

The new tariff plan will be available in 17 RCom circles but will not be available in the five eastern markets -- West Bengal, Bihar, Odisha, Assam and Northeast where where the telco does not have 2G spectrum.

According to Singh, “there are hundreds of millions of older 2G handset-owners in India, and RCom is positioning the new bucket plan of unlimited voice calls with 300 MB of data to get them hooked to data”. The unlimited voice calls on the network will work on feature as well as smartphones.
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