Xiaomi Launched Mi VR Headset with Motion Sensor

The new headset establishes a more firm structure through its headband, which should also provide comfort to its wearer. Its latest design is Xiaomi's move to provide what the first VR has failed to achieve as a virtual reality headset. In addition, reports suggest that the Mi VR is very similar to the Playstation VR.

Mashable reported that the Mi VR's new hardware comes with a new built-in "hardware-level" motion sensor that will keep latency low at 16ms in order to eliminate uncomfortable user experience. The company points out that the low latency and combination with a high-end smartphone ensures that the user will not get motion sickness in long periods of time.

Another notable feature included in the Mi VR headset is its 9-axis motion controller and an incorporated trackpad that supports a wider range of interactions with the virtual reality content.

Reports suggest that the Xiaomi Mi VR's remote is similar to the one offered by Google's Daydream View VR headset. Xiaomi however, did not confirm if the unit is compatible with Daydream, Google's new VR platform. (Mashable)

According to Verge, Xiaomi assures a full-blown VR experience together with its new headset by placing enough content into the application. The expected VR contents should come from over 200 developers who have signified to make apps for the new platform.

In addition, the company launched the MIUI VR store to try and keep users engaged with the VR system, offering over 30 VR apps and over 500 panoramic videos at launch. The latest Mi VR hardware is exclusively working with Xiaomi's smartphones so it would not be plausible to arrive in the U.S. since it is currently tied to the company's mobile market footprint.

The new headset, which is designed to work with select latest generation of Xiaomi smartphones including the Mi 5 and Mi Note 2, will only cost $29, keeping with Xiaomi's goal of offering solid hardware at lower prices.