Apple releases official iOS 10.3 update: List of its new features and improvements

After more than two months of testing and seven betas, Apple has made available to its compatible iPhones and iPads the official update with iOS 10.3. A review of iOS 10 that comes half a year after being presented with the iPhone 7. Among the new features and changes introduced in the new firmware is, as most prominent, the Find My AirPods tool, but also along with many other optimizations.

With the look of the iPhone 8 and the more than expected arrival in unison of iOS 11, Apple offers us a new update of its software platform. A firmware that is positioned as the third major maintenance release since its release in September last year.

Official update with iOS 10.3

Today was the day chosen by the software department of Apple to release a new update. Unlike previous weeks, this time it is an official version. An official update with iOS 10.3 comes after more than two months of testing from seven different betas from which the manufacturer has polished the software for compatible iPhones and iPads. As usual, the deployment of the update is done by OTA, so it is possible to download and install it from the phone and / or tablet. However, for those who prefer, you can also opt for iTunes to perform the process from the computer.

List of changes of iOS 10.3

As Apple unveiled more than a month ago from the test program, iOS 10.3 comes with the biggest news in the form of Find My AirPods. A tool that, like Find My Phone, is designed to facilitate the user’s recovery, in case of loss, of the wireless headphones AirPods launched as an official accessory for the iPhone 7. With Find My AirPods the user will be able to make a beep and be able to identify their location nearby, as well as remember the last position in which they were detected, in case of loss.
However, the official update with iOS 10.3 also includes a number of equally interesting new features. One such is the new type of APFS file format that replace the HFS format. A change that results in an increase in the performance of iPhones and iPads as it improves memory performance as well as optimizing the storage space of applications.
Also, the latest of Apple’s updates introduces many small changes affecting iOS in many aspects. Such is the case of Siri, which is now compatible with a greater number of applications, including payment for the mobile.

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