How to Create Material Design Avatars/Vectors?

You can see on social sites that Material design profile pictures are very famous in these days. You can also create material design avatar/vectors very easily. So follow below steps to create this type of profile picture.


How To Make Material Design Avatar Easily?

• First of all, Download Adobe Illustrator using above link.(You will get 30 days free trial only)
• After installing Adobe illustrator on your PC, Download Material Palette from above link.
• After download Material Palette, Copy it & paste it on this location >> My Computer >> Local Disk (C) >> Program files >> Adobe >> Adobe Illustrator >> Presets >> en_US >> Swatches & Paste it there .
• After copying Material Palette Files, You can create this type of picture using Avatar kit.
• Now Download this Avatar kit & Run it ( Just double click on this Avatar kit to run it). It will open in Adobe Illustrator.
• Now if you see any warning then just click on ignore, Close & Done respectively.
• Now To create a new file, Just go to File >> New Then select the profile as web & set the size to 2560×2560 and press ok.
• So now you have to do just copy & paste from Md Avatar kit to Blank document.
• Now copy the element which you like from Md avatar tab. Now paste it into Blank document.
• To copy the body element, Select the element & Press CTRL+C to copy it & then paste it into blank document Using CTRL+V key.
• After pasting body element, we have to colour it. Now go into window option from menu bar & check that swatches option is enable or not. Enable it if it’s not enabled.
• Now select material palette using side menu. Now resize it. Now colour the body as you like.
• You can add other elements also like Glasses, Phone & Logos, etc.
• After you have made the vector, you want. Now go to File and click on Save for The Web & select the format and click on Save.
• Enjoy Guys!

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