How To Free Up Some Space In Internal Memory Of Any Android ??

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Becomeing running low on storage is now become a bigger problem of all of our users in that case if we want to install the apps the app may be fail to install and we also can't delete anything because these thing have great importance to our android

Today I'm gonna tell you some tips to free up space in your android. Do you know that there are many certain unwanted files that makes an android users to looking low on memory. Besides this files can't be seen y anyone just because they are hidding inside the .nomedia files and usually users not knows the way to delete the files

So some of the tips which I often Use to delete the unwanted files to free up some space and makes your android works faaster ares follows the tips are given below

How To Free Up Se Space In Internal Memory Of Any Android ??

● Go To Settings > Storage > And see the cached data it may be approx 500-600 MB

●Click On Cached Data and click on clear data, it will free approx 500 MB In Your Phones

● Now Go To File manager > Click On Menu > click on Show Hidden Files

● Now Go To DCIM folder of your android > select thumnails and delete it

( It will contain 500- 1.5 GB Space)

● Now Download ES File exploler > Internal Storage > Click on Analyze button

● Now it will analyze all your data > Click On Large Files and delete all the unwanted large files

● Then Click On Scan For Ad And Junk Files and delete all the junk files

● √Done !!

Keep Loving Wap5 👍

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