(Must Read) Hidden Terms & Conditions Of Jio Prime Membership

Jio Prime is a privileged Membership subscription for Jio Users. This subscription will continue offering the Unlimited Data and Voice which Jio is offering currently. It will also offer the entire bouquet of Jio Services for free including JioTV, JioMags, JioCinema, JioNewspaper, JioMusic, etc.
Lastly, Jio Prime Users will get special discounted offers from other partner companies.

The prime members can extend the current jio offers up to march 2018 with a monthly charge of Rs 303.
ie, You need to recharge with Rs 303 per month to avail the free 4g till march 2018. The unlimited 4G offer terms will be same as the happy new year offer. ie, 1GB high-speed 4g per day after this daily limit speed will be reduced to 128kbps.

But.. But.. But... If you are going to subscribe Jio Prime Membership For Rs.99 then Must Know Hidden Terms & Conditions of Jio Prime Offer From Here!*

Hiddeen Terms & Conditions Of Jio Prime:-

1) Minimum Recharge Of Rs.149 Per Month!

You must spend a minimum of Rs. 149 per month after subscribing to Jio Prime. Without any Jio Plan, it can lead you to the deactivation of your Jio Prime subscription. Hence, You would also lose all Jio Prime benefits

2) No More Happy Hours!

The hidden changes that Jio introduced will remove the Happy Hours, which was first introduced when daily fair usage limits in the form of Jio Welcome Offer are in the air. Now the Offer’s are expired and Jio is taking their oppertunity to convert the Happy Hours usage to normal usage.

The Happy Hours encourages Jio Users to download at full 4G speeds without any limit, from 2 to 5 AM every day, which were also present in the Jio Happy New Year offer that expires on March 31st, 2017. It doesn’t really mean Jio is withrawing is Happy Hours, but still you will no longer be able to download unlimited during 2 to 5 AM every day.

As per Jio.com any downloads made in this period will be considered as normal data usage and daily usual fair usage limits, if applicable.

3) Jio Prime Membership Subscription Price

This Jio Prime membership is for a year, from March 31 2017 to March 31, 2018.  Reliance has not specified if the Jio Prime member price will be increased later on.

There’s a deadline of March 31, 2017 to sign up for Jio Prime. If you don’t do so in this time frame, then you’ll automatically be moved to the lower-end plans. However, if you get a Jio SIM from March 4, 2017 onward, you’ll automatically be a Prime Member. Your first recharge will be of Rs 99 to get the Prime Membership, and then you can choose your postpaid or prepaid plan.

4) Limit On Hotspot Usage

Reliance Jio is also putting a limit on hotpost usage for Jio Prime users. The terms and conditions say you can use the connection as a personal hotspot connection with only one device at a time.For those who’ve bought the JioFi device, it is not clear how this will work given it can be used to connect with a lot more devices. Reliance has not clarified this bit.

5) Note For Postpaid Users

Postpaid users on Jio Prime take note: You will be required to opt for e-bill and autopay options. All the postpaid plans will have extra taxes in addition to the current plan pricing.

6) No Carryout For Data

If you don’t use all the data within the plan’s validity period, you can’t carry it onto the next month. The data used by the consumers for Jio applications will count against your regular plan data allocation. The SMS limit remains at 100 free SMS per day. This is due to TRAI Regulations.

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