Upcoming New Technology : 19 Minutes to Full Charge @Meizu Super mCharge MWC 2017

Meizu has announced a new fast charging technology at the ongoing Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The company claims its third-generation fast charging technology ‘Super mCharge’ can fully charge the phone in 20 minutes.
Super mCharge uses the Charge Pump Principle, it applies only 2 groups of conversion circuits to directly output half of the voltage. This will increase charging efficiency by 9 per cent to 98 per cent, and ensures stable performance during charging. While using Super mCharge, battery temperature doesn’t get hotter than  39℃ (102.2℉) during charging, which should be seen as an advantage.

The super fast charging technology comes with the reduced heat- dissipation and current, and an upgraded data cable capable of supporting 160W, to ensure safety and durability. On the basis of testing, Meizu claims a 3000mAh ATL battery retains over 80 per cent capacity after over 800 charge and discharge cycles using Super mCharge.

This technology tested with 3000mAh battery in MWC. In just 5 minutes battery had reached 30% from zero the next 60% in 10 minutes. After this level charging speed reduces and in 15 minutes 85% at last in 19 minutes and 12 seconds the phone was reached to 100%.

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