12 General problems and their solutions that android users faces

Android phone users may have to face certain issues during the usage course of their mobile phone ,Like slow device or device heating problems,in case of any of the problem in phone,users definitely have an option to approach the service center,but today with this post we are listing out some of the expert solutions ,which you can initially try out to solve a problem on your mobile device,below we are listing out some of the general problems that android users might face and the possible solutions for these respective problems.

Below are some of the general problems and issue that android users may face in their day to day mobile usage course,For each single problem,we have listed down multiple solutions which users can tryout.


1.Insufficient storage

If you are facing insufficient storage problem on your android phone,You may not be able to download new apps or files,this is caused due to excessive storage capacity used,here are some of the possible solutions ,you can try out.
  • Remove unnecessary apps/games from Settings > Application manager,
  • Clean the cached data from Storage option in settings,
  • Perform dump state clearing by dialing *#9900# (Applicable for samsung devices),
  • Move apps/Games to SD card ,from Settings > App manager > app > Move to SD,
  • Backup your files ,photos and videos to Cloud, like Google drive,Google Photos,
  • Use a cleaner app to remove unnecessary data,like CCleaner for android.



2.Phone is slow/hanging

Slow running or hanging device is another major problem most of the android users may face ,the device may get slow when your phone can’t handle the files properly ,may be due to Insufficient RAM available ,let’s see how to address this problem.
  • Restart the device-A proper reboot may fix the problem,
  • Close down background apps,
  • Clean up storage ,following the tips above,
  • Factory reset phone-You can also reset your phone to attain it’s best performance.



3.Battery draining

Another major problem android users might face is regarding their phone’s battery life ,the phone’s battery may be draining up quickly ,here are some of the possible solutions.
  • Use the Only charger that came with your phone for charging,
  • Keep your screen brightness low,
  • Disable Vibration mode if not required,
  • Remove Live wallpapers,
  • Remove inactive accounts from phone,
  • Enable power saving Mode from setting > Power.



4.Phone heating

Android phone users might face phone heating problem while using their mobile phone or playing games ,here are some quick solutions to overcome this issue.
  • Avoid using phone in warm/hot rooms,
  • Do not use phone to while charging,
  • Replace your battery if it’s too old,
  • Remove cover while charging to ensure proper ventilation,
  • Disable unwanted features when not required like WiFi,Bluetooth,Location etc.



5.Google Playstore crashing

Sometimes android users may face a problem of Google Playstore not working or crashing on their phone in this case you can try out any of the following solutions.
  • Goto Settings > App Manager > Playstore on your phone and Clear data,Cache,
  • Install the latest and updated version of Playstore,
  • Check if date and time are correctly set on your device,
  • Install the latest version of Google play services on your phone,
  • Remove and Re-add Google account on your device,Followed by a restart.



6.Apps not installing

Android users sometime may face a problem of app not installing this problem can occur due to insufficient storage or any other reason,lets have a look at some of the alternative solutions.
  • Check if sufficient storage space is available,
  • Delete Un-necessary data as well as apps to gain some space,
  • Update your phone’s software to the latest version from settings > About > Software updates,
  • Disable the screen filtering app if activated,
  • Reset your phone,finally you can try resetting the phone,if the above solutions don’t work.



7.System UI not working properly

Users of android phone may get a message System UI not working on their phone,This error may occur due to the installation of corrupted or in-compatible updates,here’s how to deal with it.
  • Restart the phone,removing the battery and re-inserting it,
  • Clear the cache on phone,
  • Uninstall any recently installed app or launcher which might be the cause of problem,
  • Boot the device in safe mode.



8.Downloads not opening

Sometimes upon downloading files on their phone,users may face an error as file not supported,in this case relevant apps may open the downloaded file.
  • For a Document install a PDF reader like Adobe Acrobat Reader,
  • For extracting a compressed RAR or ZIP file ,install a relevant app like RAR.
  • You can also download Word ,excel for opening supported document files.



9.Internet not working

Users may not be able to connect internet on their android phones,this problem may occur due to Mis-configured APN ,or low signal.
  • Goto Setting > Mobile networks and check if the APN is correctly set as per your SIM,
  • Goto Setting > Mobile networks and search for the Manual network,
  • If 3G/4G connection is not available users can go for 2G connection as per the availability,
  • Restart the mobile phone.



10.Camera not working properly

Camera on mobile phones may sometimes not work properly ,users may get a black screen upon turning on the camera in such cases,you can try out the following alternate solution.
  • Remove any Third-Party camera app installed on your phone,
  • Power off the phone,wait for approx 12 sec and turn it on,
  • Factory reset the mobile phone,
  • Softly tap on the camera lens to fix any minute hardware issues.



11.Video not playing properly

Sometimes video files may not play up properly on your phone,you may hear only audio and no video,this may be caused due to in appropriate Video player apps,you can try the following solutions.
  • Install a relevant video player app on your phone like -VLC Media player,MX Player or any other,
  • Download ‘Codecs’ for video player apps Like MX player codec,
  • Close other background tasks and apps running on the phone,during the Video playback.



12.Micro SD not being read

In some cases android users might face a problem of their Micro SD card not being detected or recognized by the device,this might be caused due to some error in Your memory card,you can try the following solutions.
  • Format the Micro SD card from Mobile or PC,
  • Restart the mobile phone and Post re-inserting the SD card.
Hopefully these quick solutions will help android users in addressing their day to day general problem occurring on their phone,if the solutions don’t work,you always have the option to approach the nearest service center for your device and get your problem fixed by the technical support team.

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