It Is Confirmed That JioPhone Will Support Single SIM Only!

The Reliance JioPhone, “India Ka SmartPhone” was launched on 21st July 2017 with an effective price of Rs. 0. It is the “Smart” feature phone with all the new features such as 4G VOLTE support, voice search on your command and it even supports all the JIO applications.

But some of the features are not there as for the users’ expectations. Yet it is not confirmed about anything. As per the reports by India Today, the JioPhone only supports ONE SIM card. And the device does not support Whatsapp, Facebook and other popular apps which Android supports.

JioPhone is a single SIM phone

The JioPhone is locked with only Jio Network and will be sold with Jio plans only. As per the earlier rumors, the JioPhone does not support dual SIM and the user can’t use any other SIM in the JioPhone.  However as per the reports, may be in October Jio might bring the Dual SIM variant of JioPhone in which the user can use one Jio SIM and the second will be free to be used with any.

It looks like JioPhone is an exciting device which allows all the users free voice calls and 4G data VOLTE. But it doesn’t support Whatsapp which might control its popularity. As we know, Whatsapp is popular all over the globe even in small towns, cities it used by many people. According to Gadget 360, the JioPhone will not have Whatsapp though it supports 4G but later it might add Whatsapp in the Phone. The JioPhone can also connect to the TV with the accessory called  Jio Phone TV-Cable to enjoy the JioCinema with full family.
The JioPhone has a messaging application named as JioChat. May be intentionally the Jio has not kept the Whatsapp support to make its chat app popular. The feature JioPhone is free for the users and has to pay security fees of Rs. 1500 and will get back the money after three years if you decide to give the phone back.
The JioPhone will come on 15th August and the pre-bookings will be starting from 24th August. The phone will be on sale from September 2017. The data plans of JioPhone is Rs 153 per month with Free voice calls and SMS, data. There are plans for a week and for two days, one is for Rs 24 and other is for Rs 54. Till now it is not cleared that these plans are only for the JioPhone users or for all the Jio users.
So now let’s see how is the JioPhone and is it a single SIM, does it support Whatsapp? Will get to know when the phone will come in the market. Till then just wait and if you want to buy then pre-book your phone on 24th August.

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