Learn How To Convert Youtube Videos To MP3 Files

YouTube is the huge source of music videos and podcasts, it is great to watch it on your phone when you have time. But when you are busy you can’t watch the video with full attention. You just need all is audio, so YouTube to MP3 converters come here. This program allows you to download the videos from YouTube and can save the sound in MP3 format. So you can listen the MP3 whenever you like to. It let you convert some videos in a single batch.

How To Convert Youtube Videos To MP3 Files

Learn how to convert Youtube Videos to MP3 Files. Follow the steps which are given below.

1. Get Any Video Converter Free

For the first step, we will use any Video Converter Free- it is a free tool for windows which will allow you to download and save the YouTube video and a host of other sites. It just downloads for free, then you must install it and then accept it and launch it.

2. Find and download videos

Any free Video converter can convert files which are stored on your computer, on CDs, or from the web. Click the drop-down arrow beside ‘Add URL(s)’ and select ‘Download music files’. Open the browser and find the video which you want to download, then copy the URL of it.
Go back to Video Converter Free, then click the plus icon and paste the URL into the box. You can add more than one video at once you just need to click the plus icon for each one.

3. Convert videos to MP3

Once you have got all your videos then click ‘Start Download’ the videos will be checked and saved it to your computer.(It will take some time so wait till that). Make sure the checkbox beside each video is ticked, then select the MP3 Audio from the list at the top right, and click ‘Convert Now’.
The videos which are converted into MP3 will be shown in your videos folder, but later you can change this by using the setting menu, which can be accessed via the cog icon at the top right.
Guys if you want to convert videos to MP3 then go throw this post and learn how to do it. Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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