Best 10 Trusted Ways to Earn Money Online from home in India 2017


Many of my friends wanted us to write a post on “How Indian people can use their internet as a source of income”. we have online earning experience of about 3 years and I learned lots of tricks and fund within this time span.

So, I’m just gonna share Top 10 Trusted Ways To Earn Money Online in India. Note that you really just don’t need to have any programming knowledge, only sufficient command on English language is required.

Tips & Tricks to make money online in India sitting at home

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the only highest paying program for Indian users. we have already written complete guide on adsense earnings which you can read by clicking here. My first preference will always go to google adsense. You can even earn lots of money (2000-4000 Rs per day!) depending upon your site traffic. There are many good alternatives available in this category like Bidvertiser, Chitika, Infolinks etc.

Earn From Youtube Videos

1] Whenever you play a Youtube video, advertisement appears. Then after clicking ‘skip ads’, you can continue to see the actual video. This is how original video poster earns money! When audience views an ad, video maker gets some commission from google. This program is popularly known as ‘adsense youtube monetisation’.
2] It’s common habit of techie guys to watch reviews/unboxing videos of latest mobiles, cameras & other gadgets on Youtube. If you’ve recently bought any new smartphone or any electronic stuff, then it might generate thousands of bucks for you. 🙂 Just make a small video and describe the product in best way you can! That’s all, now upload that video on youtube and leave the affiliate link of that product in description. To know, what is affiliate marketing, just scroll down the page.

Earn Money by Selling T Shirts

This might sound crazy but if done seriously, you can make few thousand dollars online without any investment. It needs just 15 minutes to create & sell your design

Sell Websites & Make $$$

By far, this is another great way to earn heavy cash within short period. Build a website from scratch, add some quality content & drive some organic traffic. Just make sure that websites gets at least 400-600 users daily from Google search. This should happen within 3-4 months or in lesser time. If done with proper research, it won’t be difficult to achieve this much traffic within 2 months.
Once you are done with website part, it’s time to make cold cash! Head over to trading sites like Flippa & list your site with traffic statistics. You can expect anywhere between $700-$1000 per site as per the quality.
You can always scale up this process & earn huge money in just 2-3 months.

Make huge dollars from Facebook

It’s a myth that one can’t earn money from social media sites like Facebook & instagram. In fact there exist some people who make living from Instagram alone! You just need right audience & right product to promote.
Not just this, but there are many other ways by which you can easily fetch decent dollars. I have recently made an in-depth tutorial on this topic which is available 

Selling Educational Lectures

If you are expert in your education field and can elaborate your concepts in easy manner, then this is the best option of earning passive income. I will suggest you to go with Udemy which is trusted and pays you higher commissions than any other website.
Update While searching on internet, I came across an awesome app called NiceTalk tutor. Just teach basic English stuffs to Chinese kids online and get paid at the rate of $10/hour!! 


It’s the best way of making huge money just by sitting at home. Only requirement is that – you should be fairly good in english & must have some special skills. There are many sites, out of which fiverr & freelancer are most popular. People across the world request other users [you] to complete their tasks. For every completed task, you can earn minimum 5$-1000$ according to the type of work.

Affiliate Programs

You might have seen your friends on Whatsapp & Facebook requesting you to download some apps using their promo code. In such cases, company gets unique customers and in turn your friend gets reward with some amount. That’s how affiliate program actually works! I’m enlisting best affiliate Indian programs to earn money below:
Flipkart is India’s popular and well known online shopping company. You might have ordered mobile phones or other accessories from flipkart, but you will be surprised to know that we can earn lots of money from it. It’s super easy, you even don’t need any website to do so! Just go to flipkart affiliate sign up page and register your publisher account. Now, if search discounted deals and products and copy url of the page. Convert that url into affiliate link using your publisher account and spread it in your friend circle using facebook, whatsapp etc. Whenever friend makes purchase using your unique link, flipkart gives you (upto) 10% commission of MRP of product. After reaching minimum of 1000 Rs, you can withdraw money as a cheque or gift vouchers.
Amazon India
Well, it’s same as Flipkart’s affiliate program mentioned above but paying rates are usually good in comparison. Only thing is that, you need a website with sufficient traffic for making huge money.
Myntra, Jabong
Many of us don’t know that Flipkart is the owner of Myntra fashion store. It offers wide range of men, women clothing and various accessories. You can open affiliate account on Myntra and start making money from it. You need to have approximately 10-20 K daily visitors for opening account.
eBay India
eBay is no different than above mentioned websites. Just start your own blog and place your links, ad units on page. When visitor makes purchase, you get rewarded with certain percentage of money.
Godaddy, BigRock
These are well known domain registrar services and are expertise Hosting providers. Both of them are running affiliate program for getting more customers. Just refer your links to friends and you get money as well as many exciting offers like free domain name, free hosting for 1 year etc.

Get Paid for Converting Voice into Text

If you have spare time of 1-2 hours daily then you have great opportunity to make more than 12,000 Rs per month transcribing audio files.

Making Money From Android

This one is my favourite category for earning money in the form of mobile recharges and cash too. There are plenty of apps which provides you free recharges for referring and completing short tasks. But if you want to earn more, then referring is the best option. we have already written an article on “20 Highest Paying Free Recharge Apps for Android” where you can read all information. I earn minimum of 100-200 Rs daily from such kind of apps! If you want to earn real cash, then you can try CashPirate, Whaff Rewards, Slidejoy, Fronto, TapCash etc. Money can be withdrawn to bank account using verified PayPal account.

Creating Applications

If you are programmer and expert in languages like Java, C++ then I will recommend you this way of earning. Just create interesting apps and upload them on Play Store. Now go to Google AdMob and monetize your app with Google. You can earn descent revenue with this admob program. Just ad optimization is necessary & you get paid for ad clicks as well as for impressions!

Advertising & Back Linking

If you own a website with good traffic, then this option can earn you loads of cash. Firstly, try to improve website quality as Page Rank matters a lot! Once you get PR4 or PR5 then place square ads / banners on any corner of webpage. If investor found your site suitable, then he will ask you for back link or put his ads on your site. You can decide rates (for example, 10$ per month or 20$ per 1000 ad views etc) for getting maximum profit.

Content Locking

If you have uploaded interesting stuff / downloadable files / songs / ebooks on your blog then content locking is best way of earning. Just use different lockers (I will recommend FileIce) and lock your valuable content inside short survey. When visitor wants to download that file, he has to complete survey for download to get started. Once he completes survey, you get paid with specified amount.

Paid to Click Programs

Really, I won’t recommend you this category but use only if you don’t have any other choice. There are very few trusted PPC sites like Probux, Neobux (Google for PPC sites and only select trusted ones!) which really pays to its users. Paying rates are quite low so if you have enough patience, go with them. Gosignups is also descent site which pays 0.10$ only for doing simple registrations and sign ups.

Link Shortner

Link shortning will be my last preference as it doesn’t pay much to users. But you can consider it as side business for earning money. Thousands of shortners are available in market but I will choose since it is trusted and reliable. Just convert your longer links into short ones and get paid when visitor clicks them.

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