The new Android "O" release !! and Features

Hii.. guys we are back with an exclusive update about the new Android OS "O" .After several updates from android nougat its time for the new comer. There has been several rumour about the new OS in the name and features it has been finally announced that the android O will launch sooner in nexus and other phones. here are the features and details of the new OS Android"O"

The final Android O developer preview is now out, meaning the final Android 8.0 release isn’t all that far away either. The Android O developer preview 4 has a few minor tweaks and visual changes from the previous version, which we’ll cover in further detail below. Visually though, you can expect the final Android 8.0 build to look a lot like the current developer preview. Here are all the new changes, features and things you should know about Android O.

The release schedule

The Android O release will ultimately become Android 8.0 <insert O dessert name here> with the most popular guess still being Android Oreo. Earlier this year, Google shared a timeline for the rollout of each preview build. The first developer preview arrived in mid-March, with the second developer preview dropping during Google I/O in mid-May, and the third in mid-June. The fourth and final previewarrived in mid-July, right on schedule. The public version of Android 8.0 will be out for supported Pixel, Nexus and Android One devices sometime in Q3, most likely in late August or early September.

What’s new in Android O?

Octopus Easter egg

In the final developer preview, the Easter egg has changed from the familiar Neko Atsume cat catcher game to an (admittedly Oreo-looking) octopus that kinda just floats around the screen instead. No one has yet managed to divine whether this is all there is to the Easter egg yet, but additional “functionality” may be added with the final release. Make what you will of the presence of the eight-legged creature and Android 8.0. Who knows, we might just get eight recipes for cooking octopus in the final Best Tricks and Offers

Pixel “powered by Android” boot screen added

The title says it all, the “powered by Android” logo now appears under the colorful G logo on the boot screen for Pixel devices.

Stop apps from displaying over other apps

Toggles now appear in the App Info menu that allow you to disable the ability for selected apps to draw over the top of other apps. If you want to remove the persistent notification alerting you to apps generating a screen overlay, you’ll have to dig into the Android System notifications. Go to Settings > Apps and notifications > App info > Show system (via overflow menu) > Android system > App notifications and flip the “Display over other apps” toggle to off. You can see all the apps with permission to write over other apps by going to Settings > Apps and Notifications > Advanced > Special app access > Display over other apps.

Adaptive notification dots

if you cast your mind back to Google I/O 2017 you might remember Google demoing notification dots (which are essentially numberless notification badges with nifty launcher shortcuts) which would be coming up in Android O. In dev preview 3 we saw notification dots with a standard blue color. This time around the dots appear in various colors drawn from the app icon they relate to.

Performance and bug fixes

A lot of early adopters have noted several performance improvements and bug fixes in the final dev preview. The battery drain issue that put a lot of folks off the third developer preview seems to have been corrected and the camera launch delay has also been fixed. Multiple other improvements have been mentioned around the interwebs, so hit the comments and share yours if you’ve noted anything in particular.

Font, lock screen, and notifications changes

For the eagle eyed (mostly Motobug and Phinocio on Reddit, who shared the screenshots below), there are a few font changes in the final dev preview. On the lock screen, the clock is slightly smaller and the date is no longer in all caps. In the status bar, the battery percentage is slightly bolder and the carrier info and time have been given a little more space on the left and right respectively.
In the toggles area at the top of the notifications shade, the date is now in a slightly less condensed font which makes it a little more more legible at a glance and the card-like spacer between the toggles and the notifications has been removed. The mobile data toggle has also been changed back to its old look (see the icon next to Wi-Fi in the two screenshots below) Unlimited Tricks and  Offers

“Change app icon shape” removed

Not the biggest deal, but the option to force adaptive app icons into a specific shape (round, squircular, rounded square or teardrop) has been removed in the final developer preview. The option was previously found in the home screen settings since dev preview 2, but has now been removed. Similarly, Icon Badging has been moved from this area and instead appears as a Notification Dots toggle in the Notifications settings menu. Notification dots for individual apps can also be enabled and disabled from within the App Info screen under App Notifications.

New system app icon

The System UI Tuner is one of those geeky playgrounds nerds like us love poking around in. Unfortunately for us, in the third developer preview Google removed access to several options previously available, including my personal favorite. Fortunately for anyone that had set up custom navigation keys in earlier previews, they continue to appear and work, but don’t expect that to last forever. Lock screen and picture-in-picture options are now gone, presumably until Android 8.1 or the first Android P 

Persistent background apps notification

Updated Camera app


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