Block Ads In Android Applications Easily

How to block Ads on Android?

Block Ads In Android Applications Easily

Advertisement in Android

Android support many types of ads like small banner ads, full-screen ads, full-screen video ads and that are provided by some advertise compony like Admob by google, Facebook. In the ads, thing is that the app developer use more ads for more earning but they lost the good user experience with the app.

Why should you block the Advertisement?

Some Apps or website does not fit quality to show the google ads or other trusted networks so they use some untrusted network. That network may provide ads that provide ads that contain malware or harmful content at that is good to block the ads.

Anyways for blocking ads on android follow this steps. the good thing is that using this method the advertisements [all most but not all] that are displayed in websites is also blocked.
Step 2: Download and install AdAway application
Step 3: Open the app and Grant(allow) for root permission.


Step 5: Press YES to reboot your phone.
Done now your Android device is AdFree.

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