(Second Week) : Are you Joined in Google TEZ App ? Get Free Scratch & WIn Coupon For TEZ App Users

Friends we already posted about Tez App Released from Google for Online Money Transactions. We Creating this post for those who joined in TEZ App. We both get Benefits Using this Post.This Post is about to get Free Scratch and win Copon in TEZ App for All of You.

We Know TEZ App Give a way to Earn  ot only by Refering Friends but also by Sending Rs.50 to Other Users. At each sending of Rs.50 to Another friend we get free TEZ Scratch Card. In each Scratch Card we get a lot of Money from Rs.10 to Rs.10000.

Are you Joined in Google TEZ App ?

Those who didn't joined in TEZ App please Download and Join using below Link

Already Joined in Tez App  ?

 We Wap5 Providing you Our TEZ Number - 9567692712

(This is a New Week , So Those who send Before also can Send Us ₹50)

Just Send Rs.50 to this Number Using your TEZ App, We will Return the Cash to you within 2 Hours. So Both of Us get Free Scratch Card From Tez App.

We Already Give and Back money with Many Wap5 Users , which i give details below for proof

Proof :- 


This week prizes Won!!

These are some of the prize won by Wap5 Users and send Us the screenshot got From weekend Red colour Scratch card and Blue colour Scratch card.

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