How to use Split Screen for Apps which doesn’t Support it in Android Nougat & Oreo without Root

One of the best features of Android Nougat and Oreo is that they support Apps to be split into two screens thus enabling you to use two apps simultaneously. However, not all apps support Split-screen mode by default, here’s a simple tutorial which will let you use Apps into Split Screen mode if the app doesn’t support Split Screen.

Tutorial to Use any App into Split-Screen Mode even if the App doesn’t support it
  • For our tutorial, we will be using “Instagram” app which doesn’t support Split Screen and the Chrome browser.
  • Now, as we aren’t changing any Developer options or are neither rooting the phone. We will need to “Clone” the non-split screen app into “Parallel Space” app.
Step 1 –  Clone the Non-Split supported app into Parallel Space 
  • First, we need to install Parallel Space app which lets you use 2 instances of any app on the same phone.
    Click here to Download Parallel Space app for Android from Google Play Store
  • Once you have downloaded the Parallel Space, it will ask you to Clone app, here select the “non-split supported app”, in our case we selected “Instagram” as shown in the image below –
    Select the Non Split Support app and Add to Parallel Space
    That’s it, now you can add more apps which you may want to use in Split screen and which doesn’t support if required.
Step 2 – Using the Split Screen
  • Now first launch , the app which supports split screen . In our example it will be “Chrome” . Once you launch the app. Now, long press the “Intents” or “the recent apps” button as its know.
  • The Chrome will now collapse into a half-screen as shown in the following image –
    Chrome in Split Screen Mode

  • Now, launch the Parallel Space app , from the launcher or menu visible below. It will load itself into the lower half as shown below-
    Parallel Space & Chrome Split Screen
    Now, in the bottom Parallel Space menu, tap on the app you want to launch in split screen which wasn’t supported earlier. i.e “Instagram” in our case –
  • Wow! , earlier non-supported split screen app. Will now load and work flawlessly with Split Screen mode too as we can confirm from the image below –
    Instagram in Split Screen View even if it doesn’t support it
    Thus, you can now use any app or play any game in Split screen such as Clash of Clans, Pokemon Go even if they don’t support it by default.
  • Incase, if you face any issues or have some queries feel free to let us know in the comment section.

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