How to Read Deleted/Recalled Messages On WhatsApp?

WhatsApp's Delete for Everyone was launched recently and instantly became popular with frequent users. Most people discovered a new kind of notification claiming that the sent message was deleted. The feature helped users delete a WhatsApp text within seven minutes of sending it.

However, this new loophole will let any WhatsApp user see the deleted texts through the notification log that still exists on the receiver's smartphone. There are certain limitations to the loophole but any person aware of the loophole can exploit it to see the texts.

Method 1: –

How to Read Deleted/Recalled Messages On WhatsApp?

• This simple trick can be done using third-party apps like Notification History Log

• After installing the app in your device, open the app

• Give all necessarily required permissions to the app

• Make sure that this app is running properly in the background and auto start has been enabled for this app

• That’s it! You will find all the notifications and recalled messages in Advanced History option.


Method 2: – (Using Nova Launcher)

How to Read Deleted/Recalled Messages On WhatsApp?

• Make sure that you have installed Nova Browser

• Set Nova browser as a default browser and Long press on an empty area of your home screen

• Next, Click on “Widgets”

• Again long press on “Activities” and drop when you jump to the home screen.In the list that will appear, touch on “Settings”.

• In the sub-list, tap “Notification Log” to create the shortcut on the home screen, where you will have all the Android notifications history. It shows the active notifications in white and dismissed notifications are greyed out.

Note: –

- This log records everything on Android device until the device is restarted.

- You can retrieve only those messages which generated the notification.

- Only the first 100 characters of the deleted message can be read.

- Only a text messages can be retrieved and Photos cannot be retrieved.

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