(Back Again+Big Proof Added) Augmont App - 1g Silver On Sign Up + 1g Silver/Refer(1g=Rs.42)

Augmont Is India’s biggest gold Refiner and Bullion Supplier/“Refining to Retailing” entity brings you the convenience of buying gold & silver directly from its refinery, ensuring that you buy gold & silver at the lowest prices possible.

How To Get Free Silver From Augmont App?

1. First of all download Augmont App
2. Skip introduction and Enter your mobile number.
3. Verify your mobile number and now Enter Refer Code. : ICM63980

Refer Code : ICM63980

4. You will get 1g silver on Sign Up.
5. Start Referring and you will get 1g silver per refer.

Refer And Earn 1g Silver From Augmont :-

1. Move to dashboard and now click on Secure Vault option.
2. Click on Refer & Earn Option.

3. Share your Refer code with your Friends.
4. When your friend will use your referral code both of you will get 1g silver.
5. Start Referring your friends and start earning.

How To Redeem Your Silver?

1. First of all go to Profile Section and then Add all details in your Profile.
NOTE: Keep in mind that you must be 18+ to redeem your silver.
2. Move to Dashboard and Click on Transfer Tab.
3. You can check your Silver Balance from an upper tab.
4. You have two options to redeem your silver. One is in your Bank Account and another is in Augmont wallet.
5. Enter Bank Details and you can Redeem your silver in bank account after converting it in INR.

Proof :-

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