JIO Exclusive Offer : Jio Booster Packs Updated to Offer More 4G Data

Jio packs just got updated under the Republic Day 2018 Offer, with 500MB free 4G data on recharges priced between Rs. 149 and Rs. 498. This change in plans came just weeks after Jio cut the prices of its 1GB per day plans, and launched plans with 1.5GB data per day. 
But it doesn't seem Jio is done just yet, as the company has also updated its booster packs, giving more data to users who have run out of the 4G allocation with their ongoing plans.
Till recently, Jio users could choose from five booster packs, priced between Rs. 11 and Rs. 301. Now, however, the number of booster plans has been reduced to four, and the most expensive one costs Rs. 101. For those unaware, a booster pack can be used if the daily 1GB/ 1.5GB/ 2GB/ 3GB/ 5GB 4G data limit is exhausted, and the speed has been cut down to 64kbps for the remainder of the day. In such a case, users can purchase a booster pack and continue browsing at high speeds.
With the update, the Jio booster plan at Rs. 11 gives 400MB data, up from 100MB. Then there's the Rs. 21 pack that gives 1GB of 4G data; there was no booster pack at this price previously. At Rs. 51, subscribers will get 3GB of high-speed data, instead of 1GB. And for buyers of the Rs. 101 pack, Jio is giving 6GB of 4G data, up from 2GB at Rs. 91 previously.

The data allocation with the Jio booster packs will be available to the customer as long as the validity of the current plan runs, or the allocated data is exhausted. Once the data bundled with the booster pack is exhausted, customers will get browsing speeds of64kbps. Then they will need to buy another booster pack to continue browsing at high speeds, or wait for the 24-hour period to run out.
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