ICO (Airdrop Alert)- How to Get free Upcoming Cryptocurrencies for Joining and Referring

May be Airdrop  and ICO is not familiar to you. Iam going to explain what is Airdrop and ICO. And we are giving Airdropalert to wap5 customers.  This the time of Bitcoin Digital currency world. Do you know that at staring of Bitcoin it's ranged below 1$ . But Now it's Reached a huge amount above 20,000$ .

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Do you know there are many other Cryptocurrencies just like Bitcoin. Bitcoin is 1st among them. Below are the Order based on the Rank of Cryptocurrencies .

This Rank of Cryptocurrencies are varied based on changing parameters.

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How to get Free Cryptocurrencies without paying?

All of us need to get free Cryptocurrencies... Yes you can Get free Cryptocurrencies. It's true that you heard to get Cryptocurrencies without paying money.

If a new Cryptocurrency is going to launch to the market, then the company of that crypto will give free Cryptocurrencies as ICO (Initial coin offering) . Below Iam making a list of Cryptocurrencies which you can get for free . You just need to sign-up and Get the Cryptocurrency for free.

What have to do to get it ?

Most of the ICO are working based on Telegram social media. So it's better to have a telegram Account, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.
  •  First of all Download IMToken Application in your Mobile
  • Then Register and Create a Etherium Wallet in the Application
  • After Creating a wallet you will get a Wallet address
  • Copy the Wallet address
  • Now go to ICO giving coins links (I Provided it below)
  • Register in each coin (Some of them ask to join their Telegram Groups, then join)
  • If they asked to Provide Etherium Wallet address, Provide the Address which we copied above from the IMToken Application
Note : You have to deposit a little amount of etherium to IMToken , so they can take their Transfering fee from it.

Why Giving Free Cryptocurrencies ?

As a promotion of the Coin , the company advertising their coin in this manner by just creating ICO before 10 to 20 days of launch and You can use this bonus coin after their launch to the crypto markets.

Each of these Bonus Coin will get only upto a perticular Date (Not get after their launch to Crypto Market) . So grab as soon as possible...

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Cryptocurrencies which offers ICO.

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