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(Loot Coins) No need of Registration : Get Free Crypto Coin just by Searching the coin in the Wallet

Hello Wap5 Users,
Today is a great Day for all of us... Because Iam here with a Great Offer for you. If you are not new to Cryptocurrencies world , I think you may be femiliare with Airdrop and ICO of New coins.

All Airdrops required to register in their website and need to Follow Twitter, join Telegram channel etc....

But today Iam coming with different one, You can Get free coins just by Searching the coin in your Wallet (like imtoken, Myetherwallet etc...) . NO NEED OF REGISTRATION and no need of doing Task.

How to Get Free To Coins by Searching.

1. First You have to Copy the contract Address of each coins from Below . (To get more Contract address join Our Telegram Channel).

    • Coin name : CSAT - NEW UPDATES
    • Free coins : 1000
    • Cotract Address : 0xdb6192baf0e72ffd88d33508f15caedd5c79d75d

    • Coin name : SNS  - NEW UPDATES
    • Free coins : 1000
    • Cotract Address : 0x0189d31f6629c359007f72b8d5ec8fa1c126f95c

    • Coin name : GIFT  - NEW UPDATES
    • Free coins : 1000
    • Cotract Address : 0xa5996f6b731b349e25d7d5f4dd93a5ce9947841f

    • Coin name : Etuiofficial
    • Free coins : 8888
    • Cotract Address : 0x75f2ff3f2d5a789762622d7c039373ca6b8ad74a

    • Coin name: PRO6
    • Free coins: 8888
    • Contract Address : 0x8377ee6d3545Bc6ff1425ee3015DC648B149C7B2

    • Coin name : SPS1
    • Free coins: 276
    • Contract Address: 0xd9A72fEc8683db0666769D841d6D127F350B4418

    • Coin name : PNS1
    • Free coins: 80081.35
    • Contract Address: 0xce853db3359326dB6D03981C9fb42983BbCdd007

    • Coin name : SMI2
    • Free coins: 10000
    • Contract Address: 0x86c8bF8532AA2601151c9DbbF4e4C4804e042571

    • Coin name : SPS
    • Free coins: 276
    • Contract Address: 0xCFf7426140d5b84297af981EeCB92824d1135d8c

    • Coin name : IGNISLITE
    • Free coins: 276
    • Contract Address: 0x9AA9F330aB322e8a6F044C46a109B5910fa373CE

    • Coin name : KFC
    • Free coins: 8888
    • Contract Address: 0xb810Ad9007E4F2d9Aab2e7181A0385d02437eA6e
    Just copy the contract Address and search it in your wallet. You can use it in your each ETH Address and earn more....

    2. Open Your wallet (Iam showing example using imtoken)

    3. Click on + Botton
    4. Now paste the code in the search area

    5. Now click on ADD.

    Hurreeeee....!!! You got the coins.

    To get more Contract address join Our Telegram Channel

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