Free unlimited voice calls to any mobile or landline with FREE CALLING…

 Free unlimited voice calls to any mobile or landline!!

A new App called Call+ launched recently that allows you to make unlimited voice calls to any mobile and landline. This app now available for Android and iOS that you can download from Google Play Store if you are android user or from Apple App Store if you are iOS user.
We have many free calling apps available in the market but the feature that attracts me in Call+ is, call to any mobile or landline across 85 countries including India and not necessary Call+ app should be installed in both caller’s and receiver’s device. This app requires to be installed only in the device from which you want to make calls.
Like other apps Call+ also have some limitations that cannot be ignored ant those are –
You need to select Earn FREE days of service to make FREE calls for a day in US and landlines in Mexico, China and Brazil. To make free unlimited voice calls to other countries you will have to pay $0.99 for a day service.

Here are few steps that you can follow and avail FREE Calling to any mobile or landline with Call+ :

1) Go to the Google App Store and download Call+ app for android user. For iOS users please go to Apple App Store and download the app.

2) Once the app is installed and launched in your device, the interface will look like this –

3) Select the country that you belong to and enter the valid phone number.

4) Once you have selected the country and added the valid phone number, tap on Start

5) After tapping on start button you will get the phone validation code either by SMS or by call came from the service.

6) Note down the code and finally enter the code in the required text box. Click OK to continue.

7) As soon as your number gets verified you are completely set to make the call and screen will look like-

8) Enter the phone number that you want to call and enjoy FREE calling.
You can select other service options provided by Call+ shown at the bottom on your device screen. Suppose, if you want to make unlimited FREE calls to other countries you can subscribe the service by selecting appropriate options as shown below-

Setup is quite easy and hope this will help you to make FREE unlimited calls across many countries. ENJOY FREE CALLING…. !!!!

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