Paytm Flight / Bus Refer & Earn Offer: Get 2000 Rs Per Month

Paytm Travel Buddy Referral Code: Paytm is running a refer and earn offer where you can invite your friends. When your friends book there first ever flight or bus ticket they have to use your invite code.

Your friend will get flat 10% cashback of the flight ticket price to their Paytm wallet. Whereas, they will get flat 20% cashback of the bus ticket price to their Paytm Wallet.
Moreover, for every ticket, you will earn Rs. 250 cash back on flight ticket and Rs. 50 on bus ticket booking. You will get your cash back once your friends complete their journey.

Paytm Travel Buddy Refer & Earn Program 2018

Paytm is naming this referral offer as Paytm Travel Buddy Program. A user will earn up to Rs 250 for every friend they invite.

Get Up to 20% Cashback on Flight or Bus Ticket on Paytm

Use this Cashback Code: 2KJJM77WP97G

Steps to Get Referral Code to Invite Friends

1) Download and install Paytm Mobile App.
2) Login to your Paytm account.
3) Click n “Flight” option.
4) Check banners below “Search Flights” button.
5) Click on the third banner where it is written Get Rs. 250 cashback for every friend you invite.
6) You will find your Unique Invite Code on that page.
7) Click on Invite Friends to share the direct link to your friend for booking ticket.
Your friend will get the following message – “Hi buddy, Here’s a little surprise for you! Use my code 2KJJM77WP97G while booking your first flight or bus ticket on Paytm, and get up to Rs. 5000 cashback.

Paytm Refer & Earn Terms & Conditions:

1. This Program is applicable only on Paytm’s Android Mobile Apps. This program is not valid on Paytm’s Website and Windows and iOS phone platform
2. This offer will be live from 9th April, 2018
3. Travel buddy rewards will be given in the form of Cashback. All T&C applicable for Cashback would be applicable for Travel buddy rewards as well
4. The offer will be valid only if the buddy has not booked any bus or flight tickets before
5. You will get Cashback within 72 hours after the Buddy has completed the journey only when you are a valid KYC customer. For Non KYC customers cashback would not be credited
6. Maximum reward that you can earn through the Travel Buddy Program is 2000/Month.To be eligible for Travel Buddy Rewards, bookings done by your buddy should be a minimum of X100
7. Cashback to Buddy will be credited within 24 hours 8. You cannot use your own code for availing the benefits 9. Rewards will not be given if both you and Buddy use the same phone number or device
10. The device on which the Buddy makes the booking should not be rooted or jail-broken
11. Accounts suspicious of indulging in malpractices will be blacklisted
12. Paytm reserves all rights to change the amounts conferred under Travel Buddy program at any point in time
13. Paytm reserves the right to amend terms and conditions or terminate the Travel Buddy program at any time without any prior notice.

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