Zebpay Promo Code: Get Free Bitcoin Worth INR 100 from Zebpay Application

Since Bitcoin in India is still waiting to gain momentum, there are joining promotions that you can take advantage of. Today, I’m sharing a Zebpay promo code that will get you INR 100 worth of free bitcoins.

Zebpay is one of India’s leading platforms to buy & sell bitcoins. In the 1st Quarter of 2018, they also added support for BCash and Litecoin.
They are a mobile-first company. That means they only have a mobile app available to buy and sell bitcoins.
Zebpay free bitcoins Promo code: REF27128776
To redeem this offer, simply follow the steps mentioned.

How To Get Free Bitcoins Using Zebpay Promo Code:

1. Download the Zebpay app on your Android device or iPhone using the link below Download Zebpay Android app || Download Zebpay iOS App

2. Once you have installed the app, simply add your name & number to do the initial verification. 

3. Now, click on the menu button on the top right & select the “Refferal Rewards” option.

    4. On the place where it says to enter the promo code, enter: REF27128776

      That’s it!
      Your promo will be instantly applied & INR 100 worth of bitcoins will be added to your Zebpay account. It’s not a lot of bits, but who would mind free bitcoins for their account?
      Do share this promo code for Zebpay with your Indian friends who wish to start buying & selling bitcoins.