Purchase Parle Namkeen From Nearest Shop & Get Upto Rs.250 Recharge for Free

Purchase Parle Namkeen & Get Upto Rs.250 Recharge for Free.

First of all you need to visit your nearest retailer shop to purchase Parle Namkeen pack of 400 Gram or 1 KG.

Now do below steps.

To receive the Talk-time Value the Recipient must follow the below written steps:-

Step 1: SMS the 15-digit unique code, received inside the pack of Parle Chatkeens Namkeen, to 9664653344

• The format will be: PPPL. E.g. if your 15-digit code is 123451234512345 then the SMS to be texted by you will be “PPPL 123451234512345”.

• The mobile number from which you SMS the 15-digit unique code will be considered as your Registered Mobile Number for this Promotion.

Step 2: -

• If the 15-digit unique code sent by you is correct and is in the format as suggested in the Step 1 then you will receive a thank you message for the participation and purchase of Parle Chatkeens Namkeen and will be asked to SMS your Connection Type “T” for post-paid and “R” for pre-paid along with your Registered Mobile Number’s Operator Name. The format will be: Thanks for purchasing Parle Chatkeens Namkeen.

• SMS PPPL to 9664653344

• E.g. if your mobile connection type is pre-paid and your mobile operator name is Airtel then the SMS to be texted by you will be “PPPL R AIRTEL”.

Step 3: -

• Once your details are received, you will receive the link of the microsite www.teamrewardz.com/parle-namkeen>for the detailed terms of the Promotion.

Step 4:-

• The Talk-time Value will be credited to your registered mobile number within 24-48 working hours from receipt of your connection type and mobile operator name.

• Only three claims will be entertained against one user and one registered mobile number in this Promotion.

• The Talk-time Value received will depend on the Recipient’s telecom circle and operator for denomination availability.

• If the denomination value won is not available for a Recipients telecom circle than the closest lower available denomination value offered by the operator will be awarded to the Recipients Registered Mobile Number.


• This offer is not valid for the users of MTNL, BSNL Tata Docomo, Reliance and Reliance Jio Subscribers.

• The Talk-time Value will be subject to deduction of applicable taxes, duties and or levies as per the

• Terms and Conditions of the respective telecom operator of the Recipients registered mobile number.

• The Talk-time Value can be utilized against both, Post-paid and Pre-paid Mobile numbers.

• Further, the Talk-time Value shall be utilized subject to the availability of denominations and Billing process with the respective service operator or circle of the Recipients registered mobile number.

• The Talk-time Value will be disbursed automatically via recharge application. In case where in recharge is failed due to network unavailability, mobile number portability, recharge failure via telecom service provider, recharge failure via denomination unavailability, unable to find telecom service provider, the recipient acknowledges not to raise any claim or complaint against TPPL and/or Parle for the non-receipt of the Talk-time Value.

• Last date to register your claim is 30th Sep. 2018 till 5 p.m. only.

• Any submission after the due date and time will not be considered valid and will not be entertained. If the Recipient sends an SMS which is not in the prescribed format, or contains an invalid code, the Recipient will receive an SMS informing the Recipient of the required format along with a request to reapply.

• TPPL and/or Parle shall not in any way be liable for any disruption in or disconnection of the telephone line and/or telecom services provided by the operator of the Recipient’s Registered Mobile Number and all such disputes shall lie with the telecom service provider only.

• In the instance, a Recipient does not fulfil the requirements contained herein, he / she will be disqualified from the Promotion and his/her Prize will be forfeited.

• Any verbal or written commitments made by the retailers of Parle or any other person, which are not per the terms and conditions of this offer, will not be honored by TPPL.

• These Talk-time Vouchers are non-refundable, non-transferable, non-negotiable and cannot be exchanged with cash or any other goods/value.

• The Parle Chatkeens Namkeen containing the Promotional Talk-time Vouchers may continue to be available even after the Scheme Period.

• However, the Recipients understand and agree that they will not be permitted to participate in the Promotion after the expiry of the Scheme Period and further, agree not to raise any claim or complaint against Parle and their retailers and/or TPPL or their agents in this respect.

• Entry and participation in this Promotion will be deemed as an unconditional and an unequivocal acceptance of these Terms, including any modifications, revisions and amendments thereto.

• Please check the link www.teamrewardz.com/parle-namkeenfor the detailed terms and conditions of this Promotion.

• The terms mentioned in the link also form the terms of this Promotion.

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