How To Buy Flipkart Product Via EMI Threw Debit Cards (FAQ’s)

How To Buy Flipkart Product Via EMI Threw Debit Cards (FAQ’s)

Hey Guys , Good New for all Of us Flipkart Offering EMI threw Debit Cards which was a Huge news for all Flipkart users It Open a way to normal users who do’t have credit cards and want to Buy their Favorite product in Easy Installment.

Easy Installment Program is that You do’t need to Submit any Document or any down payment or Any processing Fees .You have To Just do Normal Shopping and Choose Easy Installment Option On payment page and their you can Choose Monthly EMI and Pay Via Debit Card.

Which Bank Allowed For EMI Now On Debit Card Offer:

This is important Guys As you know Flipkart Just Launch This Program So All bank are Not Elgible But Bank which are eligible I am sure You have account one of them for Sure .So below is the List which Bank customer allowed For This program.
  • State Bank Of India (SBI)
  • HDFC Bank
  • ICICI Bank
If This Program successful Flipkart add More Bank in their List Too.

How To Check You Are Eligible For Easy installment For Debit Card Offer:

To Prevent The Fraud via Debit card this Debit card EMI offer is not valid for every Flipkart user currently .It is valid for Selected Customer of flipkart who are Regular user and Which Good will is Good in Flipkart View.
To check This You are Eligible or Not their is Two Option So Read below To Know .
Pro Tip: Use Your Oldest flipkart Account to check then Chances are high You will Eligible.

Method 1 : Check threw SMS

This is Shortest method and fastest method To check You are eligible for This Program or Not. From Your Flipkart registered Mobile Number Send This SMS command .
SMS DCEMI to 57575
If You are Eligible You receive SMS that You are eligible If not then it mentioned You are not eligible wait for few months it may be eligible for you Too.

Method 2 : Check On Flipkart APP or Website

If You have any Trouble Via SMS then Login Facebook app or Website and Go To Menu>> Easy payment >> Debit card EMI .
If it shows that mean You are eligible If not You have to wait To Get Your Chance.
So I hope You are eligible For Flipkart Debit Card EMI Option . Now I am Going to Help You How you Avail Flipkart Debit Card EMI option During check Out and Place order successfully.

What are the criteria to avail Debit card EMI ?

You need to have a minimum cart value of Rs 8,000 (for Axis Bank, SBI and ICICI Bank customers) / Rs 10,000 (for HDFC Bank customers)

How To Use Debit Card EMI Option During Check Out On Flipkart APP Or website:

  • First of All Add Any product above Rs 8000 or Rs10000 in Your cart.
  • Now Select address and Proceed On Payment Page Option .
  • Here select EMI (Easy installment )option.
  • You will see Debit card EMI Option in it Click On it.
  • Now Select Debit Card EMI Bank and tenure of Your EMI .
  • Now Proceed and Authenticate Your Request Via OTP.
  • You will return back on Payment page Now Choose Your selected Plan again and Confirm it.
  • Bingo ! Your first EMI will Deducted and You successfully order Product threw Debit Card EMI.
  • On Your EMI Month Payment will Deduct automatically So make sure Fund available on that Month.
  • Important FAQ’s About Flipkart Debit card EMI Program:

    1. What is Debit card EMI ?EMIs on Debit Card is one of the payment options available on Flipkart. It lets you pay for your orders in easy monthly installments using your Debit Card/ATM card.
    2. How will I know if I am eligible for Debit card EMI?Only a select base of pre-approved customers will be eligible for EMI on Debit Cards. Eligible customers will see this option on the payment page during checkout. However, the base of pre-approved customers is likely to change with time hence a customer who might not be eligible today might be made eligible at a future time. Eligibility is decided by the respective bank and not by Flipkart
    3. How Debit card EMI works?If you are pre-approved for Debit Card EMI from the respective bank and Flipkart , you will see this option on the payment page during checkout
      Select EMI (Easy monthly Installments)
      Bank will convert the payment into EMI within 4-7 business days
      Your monthly debit card statement will reflect the EMI amount with the interest
    4. Do you have this payment option available for all the products on Flipkart ?Debit card EMI is available on most of the products at Flipkart, including Mobiles, Appliances and Electronics. For some select products, purchase on EMI is restricted and this payment option will not reflect on such products.. You can check the availability of this option in the offers section on the product detail page.
    5. On Flipkart, which are the banks that offer Debit card EMI ?At present, Flipkart partners with Axis Bank, State Bank of India (SBI), HDFC Bank and ICICI Bank to offer Debit Card EMI facility to customers.
    6. Do I need to have any minimum balance in my account to avail this Debit card EMI ?While you don’t need to have any minimum balance in your account while placing the order, you need to ensure that your account has sufficient funds to pay the EMI as they become due every month
    7. Am I allowed to change the EMI plan after placing the order ?EMI plans cannot be changed once an order is placed
    8. DO I need to pay any down payment to avail Debit card EMI ?You need NOT pay any down payment amount to avail this offer
    9. Is there any processing fee to avail Debit Card EMI?There are no processing fee or additional charges levied by Flipkart for availing this payment option. Your bank may levy GST or other taxes on the interest of the EMI.
    10. What is the minimum and maximum transaction amount to avail cost EMI ?The minimum and maximum transaction amount differs from bank to bank.
    11. Can I foreclose my EMIs with ‘Debit Card EMI’ payment mode?Yes, you can, by contacting your bank for foreclosure of your EMIs.
    12. Will I get a complete refund if the item is cancelled or returned if I have paid for the order using the ‘Debit Card EMI’ payment option?Yes, you will get a complete refund to the extent of the EMIs paid by you (if any) for the item in case it is cancelled* or returned*.
      However, banks may charge some cancellation/refund or pre-closure charges. Please check with your respective bank for their policy for Cancellations, Refunds, and Pre-closure.​
    Orders for certain items cannot be cancelled after 24 hours of order placement, or returned once delivered. Please check the seller’s cancellations & returns policy on the product page for details.Full official Detail of this offer is here
    So Guys Hope You understood all detail of flipkart Debit Card EMI Option .If you still have any Query ask in Comment we will Help You to solve It.

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