Tez - Get Assured Scratch Card Between Rs 5 to Rs 10,000 on Completing 5 Transactions

Tez is offering Assured Scratch Card between Rs 5 -Rs 100000 on completing 5 Transactions .

Don't miss. Hurry up!

How to Transact 5 or more times and Get Scratch Card between Rs 5- Rs 100000 on Tez?

1. Download Tez app from Here

2. Install and open the app

3. Select the language and proceed, Enter your mobile number (Use the mobile number that is registered with your bank account)

Note :- The mobile number you use here should be the same one that you have registered with your bank account and the SIM should be in the current device for verification

4. Select the Google account you want to use with Tez and you will be verified with OTP

5. Now you can either choose your mobile lock screen password or Choose Google PIN (Better to choose Google PIN)

6. Now Transact 5 or more times

7. Complete the Payment via Tez App

8. That's it! You will get Assured Scratch Card between Rs 5-Rs 100000.
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