Amazon Quiz Time Daily – Today’s Answers 8th December

Amazon Quiz Time Daily 8-12- Today’s Answers Of Amazon Pay Quiz

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Amazon 8th December Quiz Time Answers:

All Answers Of Amazon Pay Quiz Time of 8th December

1. The collective noun for a group of kittens is a ‘_____ of kittens’. Fill in the blanks.
Answer – Kindle
2. Which country was formerly called Ceylon?
Answer – Sri Lanka
3. Panthera Tigris is the scientific name for which well known animal?
Answer – Tiger
4. In the popular TV show ‘The Simpsons’, what is the name of the beer that is served in the town of Springfield?
Answer – Duff
5. Considered to be the oldest neutral country, which country has not fought in any wars since 1814?
Answer – Sweden

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All Answers Of Amazon Pay Quiz Time 5th December

Q1.: Historically, did a Grand Slam event ever have to stop play due to extreme heat?
Answer: Yes
Q2.: Which member of the cat family is the only one that cannot retract its claws?
Answer: Cheetah
Q3.: Which country is home to the world’s largest number of wild tigers?
Answer: India
Q4.: Which famous comic book character shares his name with a city in Turkey?
Answer: Batman
Q5.: Which animal features in the official logo of the World Wildlife Fund?
Answer: The Giant Panda

All Answers Of Amazon Pay Quiz Time 3rd December

1. Which is the largest subspecies of the Tiger?
Answer – The Siberian Tiger
2. Which female character from Greek mythology brought evil into the world when her curiosity compelled her to open a magical box?
Answer – Pandora
3. Which of these crawly creature is said to have the highest number of legs – which can go up to 200 pairs?
Answer – Millipede
4. In physics, what is the term for a ‘nuclear reaction in which nuclei combine to form more massive nuclei’?
Answer – Fusion
5. A crocodile cannot stick out its tongue.
Answer – True

Amazon 21st November Quiz Time Answers:

Amazon Pay Quiz Answers – 21st November

1. Which of these countries does NOT have a standing army?
Answer: Iceland
2. What is the name of the largest dwarf planet in our solar system?
Answer: Pluto
3. In terms of area which is the smallest continent?
Answer: Australia
4. What is the national currency of Albania?
Answer: Lek
5. The folk music form of ‘Lavani’ is associated with which state?
Answer: Maharashtra

All Answers Of Amazon Pay Quiz Time 19th November

1. What is the official currency of Afghanistan?

Answer – afghan afghani

2. Who was the first Indian to travel to space?

Answer – Rakesh sharma

3. Which of these is NOT classified as a greenhouse gas?
Answer – Helium
4. What is the official language of Argentina?
Answer – Spanish
5. Which one of these blood-types is called the ‘universal donor type’ because it is compatible with all other blood type?
Answer – O negative

All Answers Of Amazon Pay Quiz Time 17th November

1. Where is Fort William located?
Answer – Kolkata
2. What is the world’s longest river?
Answer- Nile
3. Which of these is an annual fair in Rajasthan, known for its camel trading event?
Answer – Pushkar Mela
4. Who composed the famous classical music melody – ‘Fur Elise’?
Answer- Beethowan
5. Where would you find the ‘Sea of Tranquility’?
Answer – The moon