Thank you for the Supporting Wap5 in the Long Journey of Success (Website Statatics and Earning Report )

Hello all....

Today we writing this post to spread our Glad or Share our happiness to all of you. We have already crossed a lot of Milestones in the field of Website.

So What's Special now , is a Good question... We are going to explore our Statatics of our website, that How much visitors we have daily and How much are online at a Time and How much we are earning etc...

Visitors Status :

When we start our website we have about 1000 visitors daily with 3K Page Views. It was before 4 Years.
Now it's Changed a lot and we are comes to become one of the top website in India about Tricks, Offers, Coupons etc....

Iam Going to reveal our Today Statatics,
It is 6:00PM when I write this , Today Wap5 Got about 7.5 Lakh Page Views.

Look to our Yesterday Page views , that we got 10.83 Lakh Page views. That's it we are receiving daily Page views. So you can calculate the number of Visitors from that.

How much Post we have?

Currently me Crossed 4K post in our Wap5

Real Time Visitors:

We have a lot of number of Real time visitors in our website in this occuasoc we have above 1000 visitors currently online.

How much We are Earning?

Most of our Visitors are asking and thinking about this, how much we are earning from Wap5. We are using for monetization of our website.

We are earning More than 1500$ per Month from Our website only from Ads network and also Earning non financial like recharge from other ways.

Once Again thank you all for supporting Our website....