Thank you for the Supporting Wap5 in the Long Journey of Success (Website Statatics and Earning Report )

Hello all....

Today we writing this post to spread our Glad or Share our happiness to all of you. We have already crossed a lot of Milestones in the field of Website.

So What's Special now , is a Good question... We are going to explore our Statatics of our website, that How much visitors we have daily and How much are online at a Time and How much we are earning etc...

Visitors Status :

When we start our website we have about 1000 visitors daily with 3K Page Views. It was before 4 Years.
Now it's Changed a lot and we are comes to become one of the top website in India about Tricks, Offers, Coupons etc....

Iam Going to reveal our Today Statatics,
It is 6:00PM when I write this , Today Wap5 Got about 7.5 Lakh Page Views.

Look to our Yesterday Page views , that we got 10.83 Lakh Page views. That's it we are receiving daily Page views. So you can calculate the number of Visitors from that.

How much Post we have?

Currently me Crossed 4K post in our Wap5

Real Time Visitors:

We have a lot of number of Real time visitors in our website in this occuasoc we have above 1000 visitors currently online.

How much We are Earning?

Most of our Visitors are asking and thinking about this, how much we are earning from Wap5. We are using for monetization of our website.

We are earning More than 1500$ per Month from Our website only from Ads network and also Earning non financial like recharge from other ways.

Once Again thank you all for supporting Our website....


  1. Nice to see... Congratulations nd keep posting...

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Naved...Your Support make us move forward

  3. Blogger pe aap site use kar rahe hai sir

  4. Great sir may you cross more milestones this year next year and every year . I am regular visitor of this website and live the content shared here . Sir I want to know some of your personal details such add your name and your state of residence etc. If you don't mind

    Once again congratulations from bottom of my heart .

    1. Thank you brother....

      My self Anasibnyousuf, from Kerala. Iam pursuing Engineering....

      anything else you need to know?

    2. hi anas when i first see your site i bookmarked it till now i am open it daily for new tricks i wish i had start something like this years ago well i really appreciate your hard work. i heard you are pusuing enginnering. i am engineer too mechanical one. but i love computers thou. i really have request for you. do me a favour i know this wont effect you none but will matter for me too much. i am assuming u are giver. few days ago i have made a general knowledge app for android. i built it from ground. if you are fine with just posting my app link in your post it will really help me. it is educational app i have it on google play store. if u wanna help me then i will give you the link. i am not forcing you i have no right to do but i am just want your help. it is upto you. if u disagree it is okay but if u agree this will be helpful. thanks

    3. hello admin i heard u r engineer i am an engineer too mechanical one. can u help me little bit it will really help me i have published a gk app in playstore it is an educational app i built it from scratch. i know this will wont give you any profit but it will help me too much. just post my app link in you any post. i really appreciate your helping. help is happiness. thanks if you help me i will give you link okay.

    4. It's glad to know that you are a regular visitor in Wap5. Really Iam An electrical Engineer, not CS. It's shows you anyone interested in something can win if you are ready for Hardwork.

      Talking about the Application, You have better to contact me Personally...

    5. yes you are right i am mechanical engineer but i love to usr my spare time in computer. i dont have any friend company in computer with me i work well with team but because of no computer friend i alone work on project i just needed a good friend and his/her help/suggestion to make my project cool. money is the last thing i care about. i just wanna help people through my creativity. well all said and done. how do i contact you.

    6. admin if you earn 1500$ per month from your website then why dont you spend 2% of your earning in daily one time quiz with little money prize in paytm. it wont effect you in money but i believe it will double your traffic on site. quiz should be once a day and winner should be announced immediately after the run time over. it is suggestion if u dont like this or may be u thought about it already and it was not fit your website then it is okay. thanks and tell me how do i contact you for my application

    7. you have android app for your site i will put that apk in google playstore for you. i wont get benefit from your app this is all yours i wont place ads on your app. if u wanna your app on playstore. i vow i wont do anything to your app for my benefit. i will upload it for your benefit you will get more traffic. i will get benefit if i place ads but i vow i wont place any ads on your app.

    8. Thank you for your interest to add my Application to Play store. It will be Good if you add it to PlayStore.

      As your request, we will start the Daily Contest in Wap5 on next month Onwards. Because we are busy with designing of another Website .

      As I promised, we will start Paytm Contest in Wap5 soon .

    9. thanks for hearing us you are amazing admin and a good listener. i have emailed you on your contact email reply me there i will talk to you for application there and discuss some other thing as well. thanks for listeng me i really feeling good being listened thanks.

    10. i am waiting for your new website and how do i contact you tell me i have emailed you reply me there i have lots of things to tell you. u go college daily 😊

  5. bro which wordpress theme you used for create this awsome website

    1. This is not WordPress, Really this website is created in blogger by customised Theme by my friend.

  6. Replies
    1. Sorry Muhammad Ali...we Can't, because we have to ensure that our Website should be unique.

  7. Congrats....your wap5 is very helpful for us...I love visit every day for 4-5 times

  8. Congratulations admin
    It's very useful for me
    I am daily visitor of you web site