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Sign up and Earn ₹1000 from Google duo| Limitted time offer| Reffer and earn

Earn rewards for inviting others to Google Duo

Call your friends and family with Google Duo. If they're not using the app, you can invite them to download it so you can make calls with one another.

Important:  The rewards program ends on December 31, 2018 or until supplies last. Check back to learn when more rewards are available 

Earn rewards for inviting others to Google Duo 

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Who can earn rewards

Rewards are based on where you live and the services you have. 


If you have an Indian phone number and bank account, you can earn cash rewards in Google Pay after you've made your first call. 


 If you're a prepaid customer on Telkomsel or Indosat, you can earn data rewards. 


If you're a prepaid customer on Globe or Smart, and not in a Bro plan, you can earn data rewards.

Get a reward by inviting friends

If you invite friends to join Duo and they sign up, you'll both get a data or cash reward. To get the reward, you need to be eligible, and your friend needs to sign up with a phone number that's never been used with Duo.

Invite someone by sharing your unique invitation link in Duo: 

1.Open Duo. 

2.Above your contacts list, tap Invite friends Share invite link. 

         You' only see prompts to invite your friends if you're eligible for rewards. 

3. Optional: Near your invite link, you can find and read the reward details. 

4. invite someone in your contact list: 

        Choose a contact tap Send. 

5. invite someone not in your contact list: 

          Tap Share link. 

          Choose an app tap Send. 

 Redeem a reward

Duo will notify you when you earn a reward. To get your reward, you need to connect your Google Account to Duo

Data rewards: You'll receive your reward automatically from your carrier after they process it. 

Cash rewards: Sign in to Google Pay with the same Google Account you used with Duo. After your friend registers for Duo, you'll receive an email with instructions to get your reward. 

you close Duo while you're redeeming your reward: 

1.Open Duo. 

2.Tap More Redeem rewards. 

3.Follow the instructions to get your reward. 

Get Duo using your friend's link 

  1. On your Android device, tap the link your friend sent you. 
  2. Tap Get Duo. 
  3. Install the latest version of Duo. 
  4. Open Duo. 
  5. Register your account with your phone number. 

Fix problems getting your reward 

  • Make sure you're eligible:
  • Data rewards are only available for valid prepaid accounts. 
  • Cash rewards are only available in India. Make sure you're using the same Google Account for Duo and Google Pay. 
  • Make sure you have the latest version of the Duo app
  • Make sure your friend: 
  • Installed Duo by tapping the unique invite link and followed the steps. 
  • Hasn't used a Duo account before with their phone number. 
  • Installed the latest version of Duo. 
  • Wait 2–4 hours after you redeem your reward. Depending on your carrier, some rewards take time to process. 
  • Rewards are only available for devices with compatible Android versions. If you change the Operating System software, or install software that's not normally allowed by the manufacturer, your Android version might be incompatible. 
  • Some rewards can't be redeemed after the reward period expires.