Trick to Convert Google Play Credits to Paytm Cash

Convert Google Play Credits to Paytm Cash - Now you can easily Convert Google Play Reward into Paytm/ Google Pay UPI or even in your bank account. We are sharing a simple app below which you can download and get your reward transferred into your paytm wallet or in Bank. Recently, we had published an article regarding Google Play Store free credits up to Rs 140 . If you dont have any use of those credits then convert it to paytm cash easily by following steps.

You will get 50% of the amount you transact on this app. Like if you transact for Rs 100, then you will get Rs 50 in your Paytm Wallet. This is because 30% is the Google Charges and 20% the app takes, the rest 50% they return to you within 7-10 working days.

How to Convert Google Play Credits to Paytm Cash?

1. Download the Convert Rewards App from here

2. Open the app & Register your account

3. Now Click on ‘Convert your Reward‘ Option from dashboard

4. Select your Receive Payment Option as PayTM or other and Convert your Rewards.

5. Complete your Payment and Enter your PayTM Details

6. You will Receive your PayTM Cash in your PayTM Account within 7-10 Days.